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Why eFly?

We are committed to empowering businesses on Amazon while focusing on individual goals and relationships that change our employees' and partners’ lives.

Because we believe there is more to an agency than certain figures and customer satisfaction.

It’s about the formula satisfaction + X.

We challenge X every single day and go beyond.

Beyond goals. Beyond KPIs. Beyond satisfaction.

Mutual growth is what keeps us going.

In everything we do we fully commit ourselves to transparent, appreciative and mutually challenging communication.

We value honesty over great statistics.

We choose commitment over empty promises.

We cling on to individual goals more than common rules.

Our clients count on us for an holistic Amazon Marketing approach that enables them to stand out with their products and brands.

Distinction from the competition

By bringing Performance and Content Marketing on a common denominator we realise more visibility, better organic rankings and more profit for our partners.

In our five years of existence, we have become a leading Amazon Agency in the German-speaking region.

We manage seven-figure advertising budgets for our clients every month - both in Europe and the USA.

We are convinced that our employees’ expertise is our capital. The eFly consists of over 50 Amazon professionals and continues to grow.

Amazon Advertising is highly complex and dynamic. Thanks to our versatile range of services, we nevertheless succeed in achieving goals such as more profit, more visability and better rankings while maintaining profitability. Through targeted measures and comprehensive know-how in the Amazon field, we qualified to stand out from the competition.

Product or service innovations

We do this by providing the following services on a remarkable level:

  • Amazon Advertising: Sponsored Advertising (SA) and Demand Side Platform (DSP).

  • Content Marketing: Strategies, Branding, Amazon Stores, A+ Content, Photography, Videography, 3D Render, Texting

  • SEO Optimization: Frontend and Backend SEO Optimization

  • Personal consulting: Amazon Account Management, direct contact 24/7

  • Internationalization: market entry and advertising abroad, content and SEO abroad through native translations

  • In-house consulting: advice from our in-house consulting teams in the area of Amazon Marketing



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