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empact EU; end-to-end platform for tax & cross border sales

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Online e-commerce market is becoming more and more global. Some reports show that the pandemic fueled the growth by ~25%. While consumers are buying more globally, the retailers are struggling with the region-specific operational procedures (for example, the local tax regulations).

empact: we are a Cloud-Based Full-Fledged EU VAT Compliance Solution

Our solution takes over from e-sellers the responsibility and liability for EU VAT compliance and enables seamless integration to any eCommerce platform and marketplace.

‣ Fully complies with the new eCommerce EU VAT package - IOSS / OSS / intrastat systems ‣ Eliminates the requirement for EU VAT registration, reporting, and filing.  ‣ Costs merely a fraction of today’s market prices. ‣ Includes introduction to added value services: 0% VAT on stock importation, dealing with packages of all prices (no EUR 150 threshold)

Distinction from the competition

◦ The only solution today that eliminates e-seller's entire necessity for VAT registration & filing - empact acts on behalf & the risk of the e-seller. ‣ Rather than acting as tax advisors / notifying service / intermediary, empact takes over the entire liability over all related tax issues through the life cycle of the supply chain & sale process.

◦ Ensures business continuance within hours thanks to our unique model. ‣ The estimated registration time varies today between 4-12 weeks. ‣ empact's registration and filing pricing is merely a fraction of the existing competitions'

◦ Decreases the e-sellers dependence on external professional experts (tax advisors / intermediary, accounting firms...). ‣ with empact's automated platform there is no need for tax-related advisory or expertise.

In essence, with empact, VAT in Europe becomes a non-issue!

Product or service innovations

❆ Based on machine learning algorithms and revised by human, the system automatically assigns HS codes to products (SKUs) based on product description, category, composition, picture and country of destination. This allows precise VAT rate allocation per SKU, per country. ❆ empact has a unique regulatory status in the Netherlands authorizing us to act on behalf of sellers, defer taxes and more. ❆ Unique agreements with world leading payment processors, providing us with capabilities to
securely manage the money transfers between the buyer, the seller and the tax authorities. ❆ API seamless integration to ecommerce platforms, online marketplaces and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. ❆ Highly secured KPI processes required by major financial institutions and regulators.

Customer case study

Non-European based eCommerce websites selling to Europe have to establish and manage local VAT numbers (at least one, some time more). Each VAT entity obliges the e-seller to spend 500-2000 EUR MONTHLY on maintenance (accountant, reporting, filing, money transfers...) and the customer is still liable vis-a-vis the European authorities.

empact allows the e-seller to focus on what he needs: marketing, sales and product definition. We are positioned to be the engine of growth for enterprises seeking to expand to global markets, first focusing on the EU market.

Positive feedback & testimonials

Customer feedbacks:

  1. Michal, JOYAMO JEWELRY (COO) - 16 virtual stores selling personalized jewelry worldwide: "Once the new tax regulations came into effect, not having a company within the European Union forced us to STOP marketing our jewelry in European countries" "We were looking for some solution that wouldn't require us to open a company in Europe, which often takes about 2-3 months, and were so surprised as we realized we could simply ship with empact's IOSS number! We were back in EU action within days"

  2. Yoni, Cutting Edge (Co-Owner): “We have decided to implement empact's solution in our Amazon shop in Germany since it allows us to instantly meet all requirements for the new EU VAT rules without having to ever worry again for any tax-related matters at all”



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