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Pricetracer is a software-as-a-service application developed specifically for brands and manufacturers. With the help of Pricetracer, brands in e-commerce can conduct market and price observations. The tool supports employees, whether in marketing or sales, with versatile and precise analysis options to realize a coherent brand and price strategy in online retail. Pricetracer systematically and continuously tracks item prices and provides an overview.

Distinction from the competition

It's the first product, that is designed only for the target group of brands/manufacturers. The product specifically addresses the e-commerce needs of this target group and all analyses have been developed for real use cases.

Product or service innovations

Pricetracer provides important information that brands and brand manufacturers can use as a decision-making basis for their pricing strategies in e-commerce. You get an overview of the suppliers in the online market, which is now characterized by high price dynamics. In this way, you can ensure a good image for your brand in online retail.

Positive feedback & testimonials

1: "Not being able to trace the prices of online vendors feels like an important piece of the puzzle for our sales strategy is missing! Knowing them would save us time, create transparency and allow us to control our sales strategy better."

2: "You don’t have an overview – when we are talking to vendors we are surprised by actual market prices. Being able to trace all our prices allows us to develop an uniform pricing strategy, to identify vendors who mess up our prices, and to be better prepared for customer pitches."

3:" For us, it is almost impossible to evaluate our campaigns or certain developments. But with full knowledge about the prices for our products in E-commerce we can understand sell-out peaks, analyze the market and better plan our advertisement campaigns."

4: "Not knowing how our products are sold online feels frustrating because we have to make sure our brand and products are exposed in the best possible way across various digital platforms. Having access to all this data would be a huge relief."


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