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Sembot CSS for Brands & Ads suite


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Sembot Products Ads Suite is All-in-One Platform for e-commerce, retailers and performance agencies. It consists of:

  • Ads Suite panel which includes easy product feed management tools and advanced PPC campaign generators
  • White Label CSS which allows digital agencies and retailers to own a product aggregator that is eligible for Google CSS status.

Sembot Product Feed Optimiser will simplify and automate campaign management workflow with full control over product feed with super easy and intuitive scripted rules. The tool will let you easily create duplicates, run A/B tests, optimise the ads to boost the best performing products and eliminate the poor ones. It's a smarter and more effective advertising.

Automated Campaign Generator enables creating granular campaigns with the best performing architectures (Feed to text, SPAG, deep segmentation) for thousands of products within seconds. Based on perfectly optimised product feed, you can automatically generate thousands of campaigns, ad groups, long-tail ads, text & keywords ads.

Sembot can also launch a White Label CSS platform which benefits from Google CSS Programme:

  • Name of the brand or agency is displayed in additional ""By"" field on every product ad (double display of the brand on the ad for ecoms or additional branding for the agency),
  • Agencies and other customers get free traffic from the ""By"" field,
  • There is no need for using external CSS service,
  • Agency can leverage the CSS to run additional revenue stream on connecting their clients to own CSS, thus cutting off middlemen.
  • Using our CSS can incur savings, because of Google's margin reduction, or increase in bids won against the competitors. Sembot enables you to become a Google CSS partner fast, without significant time and financial investment required to build your own comparison site from scratch and become accredited. We manage the whole approval process for you.
Distinction from the competition
  • White Label CSS - most cost savvy solution on the market
  • CSS for Brand (ecommerce) - unique solution on the market
  • Product duplication (A/B tests of titles, descriptions, thumbnails of the product or increase of the ad quality score)
  • Low entry cost
  • Bulk editing and advanced rules for the inventory
  • Converting phrases description injection (increasing the targeting of product ads)
  • Feed to text long tail campaigns generator
  • Deep segmentation product campaigns generator
Product or service innovations
  • Converting phrases injection - System automatically pulls the phrases that had conversion in the past and injects into the description of the product, which allows PPC platform algorithms to target the ads better.
  • Feed to text campaigns generator - with just a couple of clicks, user can launch a campaign with unique title and description for hundreds of thousands products
  • New layouts of the CSS platform
Customer case study

"In this case study, we analyzed the period from March 12, 2020 (campaign start) to August 30, 2020. The campaign was completely managed by Sembot’s Account Managers. We will show you how we are able to increase ROAS from 354% to 2645% by collecting the proper amount of data. Statistics for the entire period (12/03 – 30/08/2020) Cost: 8 040 pln Avg. CPC: 0,21 pln Income: 166 626 pln ROAS: 2072% Initial statistics from the campaign launch to the reconstruction day (12/03 – 14/05/2020) Cost: 2010 pln Avg.CPC: 0,92 pln Income: 7 112 pln ROAS: 354% At the beginning of the campaign, we found ROAS with average 360%, as described above. After collecting the right amount of data and through deep analysis by our specialists, we rebuilt the campaign by creating Sembot CPC campaigns. Thanks to this, we have lowered the Avg. CPC from 0,92 pln to 0,21 pln.

What have we done? We resigned from the campaign for categories in the search network, leaving brand campaigns reaching people who know the store (hence a significant drop in CPC in Search from 0.40 to 0.04 PLN) We connected the client to Sembot CSS, used Product Feed Optimiser and then… We have rebuilt the PLA campaigns, introducing the division into categories corresponding to the categories in the store. We excluded products that generated excessive costs with low ROAS. Statistics after optimisation changes to the campaign (14/05 – 30/08/2020) Cost: 8 030 pln Avg. CPC: 0,17 pln Income: 159 514 pln ROAS: 2645%"

Positive feedback & testimonials

"With the help of Sembot we were able to roll out a price comparison website for a reasonable price in just a short time. The advantages for our customers that result from the CSS programme in the shopping network are enormous." Armin Hasanovic - SEM Consultant, Semtrix GmbH

"We are very satisfied with your White Label CSS. With your help, we can quickly and easily offer our customers additional options for making their Google Shopping campaigns even more efficient. The processing and setup went without any problems and we felt very well supported by you in every respect." Ismail Toprak - Online Marketing Manager, netgrade GmbH

"With the Google CSS from Sembot, we can offer our customers the advantages of international CSS. The Cooperation with Sembot is brilliant." Alexander Sperber - CEO, United Ads GmbH


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