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Size Me Up

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Faslet’s size recommendation widget helps customers of single and multi brand apparel stores to find the perfect size in just a few easy steps. No measuring tape is required!

The size recommendation widget can be tailored to the needs of the online fashion brand or multi-brand store, both in function and design.

Our innovative algorithm ensures your customers will be recommended the right size. The widget itself is easy to integrate and customize, making it the perfect addition to the online single or multibrand apparel stores.

Offering this type of certainty regarding size will make online shoppers feel confident about their purchase. They will be more likely to buy and less likely to return. This will not only increase your retail shop’s profits but reduce co2 emissions as well.

Meanwhile, our system captures customer intelligence, providing you with valuable insights for future brand strategy.

Faslet’s size recommendation solution, therefore, benefits you, your customers, and the environment.

It’s an innovative, user-friendly, and sustainable solution to sizing and online shopping.

Distinction from the competition

Price - Faslet offers an affordable product which is applicable for all company sizes. Ranging from a small family run store with a webshop, all the way up to large multi-brand retailers, we have a price tier for everyone.

Features - Faslet has a Self Serve portal in which our partners can customize the styling of the widget. This includes color, font and logo customizations. In the portal, Faslet partners can also via reports about the performance of their store, ranging from simple Faslet button clicks, all the way into conversion rate analysis.

Service - Every Faslet customer gets direct access to a Faslet representative. At any point, can Faslet partners reach out for personal service.

Product or service innovations

In 2021, Faslet launched the Size Me Up solution for single & multibrand apparel stores. In that sense, the product, algoritme, technical integrations and, the ability to support advanced features like add to cart, full-body profile support, widget styling and more are all part of the innovations done within the last 12 months.

Positive feedback & testimonials

An example of one of our partners, not disclosed, who is using our size recommendation solution on their website. Within this account, we can see that 19.4% of the users, using our sizing solution are making an order compared to 7.1% of the users, not using our sizing solution.

A few "Dutch" testimonials of our partners are

"Sinds kort zijn we gestart met de tool van Faslet. Deze tool lost het grootste probleem van online winkelen op: Het kiezen van de juiste maat. Door een aantal makkelijke vragen te stellen hoeft de klant niet in de weer met een meetlint, en wordt de juiste maat van onze producten weergegeven. Dit neemt niet alleen een stuk frustratie weg bij de klant, maar het zorgt ook voor verduurzaming van onze logistiek. De tool helpt retouren te reduceren en maakt onze logistiek dus een stuk minder belastend voor het milieu. Na onze plasticvrije verzending is dit de volgende stap!" - Roosenstein Wolke -

"Heel erg blij met de tool van Faslet! Zo kunnen onze klanten beter de juiste maat selecteren. Dit resulteert in meer tevreden klanten en minder retouren!" - D.Y.P -



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