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At Despatch Cloud, we know fulfilment. Our founder, Matthew Dunne, built a fulfilment business from scratch, meaning there isn't a single part of the warehousing industry that we don’t know. Also, we co-locate in a 250,000 sq.ft. warehouse, providing us with first hand experience of the complexities involved in operating in this environment.

In a nutshell, we solve problems for the warehouse, from the warehouse. Encompassing everything from shipping your products, selling across various channels, and automating your fulfilment, we provide the full package to any eCommerce business wanting to scale their business and take control of their inventory and orders.

Our vision is to be the go to technology provider for post purchase technology, and we plan to achieve this by constantly being at the forefront of the software industry of this sector, and by creating software so simple and effective that companies can scale and run with ease, without the need for huge development teams.

The eCommerce industry has experienced monumental growth over the last few years, with some of the businesses using Despatch Cloud technology achieving a 300% rise in sales in a year. This is great for business, but comes with many complexities. We are proud to provide businesses with a platform from which they can grow without the fear of losing control. This is something that may hold business owners back, but not anymore with Despatch Cloud.

Our Warehousing suite offers top-of-the-range functionality to businesses of any size and stature, making processing orders from various sales channels, shipping to a huge range of couriers, and always keeping track of stock levels easy. Everything is on one task-oriented platform, meaning an owner can have everything they need to successfully grow a business in the palm of their hand.

Distinction from the competition

The rise of eCommerce due to factors such as the pandemic forcing people to stay inside was unprecedented and certainly out of the ordinary. This means to keep up with the influx of new customers, a company needed to adapt and embrace extraordinary solutions.

At Despatch Cloud, our Warehouse package spreads far wider than just inside the warehouse. It also contains our Shipping portal, which contains access to over 50 courier services and our Channels suite which opens up your product to over 20 of the world’s leading sales channels. This product is unlike any other in it’s flexibility and versatility to offer a business owner everything they need to not just run a business, but to expand it and ensure it reaches its full potential.

Despite not having the same funding as some of our competitors, we have established a worldwide team of developers who aim to produce technology that is right at the forefront of this sector. Every warehouse is equipped with barcode scanners which fully automate fulfilment, making it lightning quick and virtually error free. Our intelligent software will also choose the quickest route around the warehouse for your pickers, ensuring they don’t make unnecessary journeys around the warehouse.

Controlling your stock as you sell over various sales channels couldn’t be easier, and when you get orders, every one is consolidated onto your user-friendly dashboard, from which you can perform every action to make the most of your warehouse.

A major issue inside the warehouse is human error, so by using an automated, intelligent system, you are making sure every delivery is correct, every time. From our own experience in a warehouse, we know what is most needed is more time, so every feature we develop is aimed at speeding up every process possible.

With this technology, we have attracted interest all over the world, and this has allowed us to grow our team with the aim of breaking the mould even further in the future.

Product or service innovations

Our innovations range from the large, to the big. When we noticed that it took staff members a long time to log in to the system, we adopted a scanning portal to log in. This cut the time it took staff to enter the warehouse and begin working drastically, and meant that precious minutes were being saved every day.

Our new and updated Warehouse product came with exciting and innovative new features, including:

Set specialised order rules to perform actions on certain orders automatically. For example, if you want to ship with a certain courier for a certain customer, set the rule and it’s done. Want to send every sale item bought with an added gift? Just make the rule and let our system do the rest.

Never run out of stock again with our clever technology. Set your low stock limit and our system will let you know whenever you hit it. But we don’t stop there, after setting it up, we will create all of your future purchase orders, meaning refilling your stock couldn’t be easier.

We improved our stock updating system, meaning even if you’re selling over 20 channels, our system will also update all of your stock levels within a minute of a sale being made. This means overselling is virtually impossible and you will never have to let customers down.

Our state-of-the-art filtering system makes locating and actioning orders lightning quick, and is the answer to your businesses fulfilment speed questions.

Customer case study

Yorkshire Trading Company are a business who have implemented Despatch Cloud’s Warehousing package into their software. Some of their favourite features include:

Automated and Paperless Picking: “The transition from paper picking to electric picking improved our accuracy and efficiency overnight and allowed us to be really dynamic with staffing. We were no longer reliant on trained staff as anyone could go to the warehouse, pick up a scanner and get to work processing orders. It changed the way we packed items as well, with packing slips no longer needed. All our staff had to do was scan an item and the system knew who the order was for straight away”.

Custom plug in service: “it’s hard enough to run an online store, but when you have major high street stores also, it gets really tough. As well as deliveries we wanted to run a click and collect service in our stores. I wasn’t sure if the technology with Despatch Cloud could do this, but the team was incredible in accommodating our needs. The support for custom plugins was a real game changer and allowed us the power to build our own plugins to suit our system. Our click and collect system is seamless, and this wouldn’t have been possible without this plugin system. It has provided us with the functionality to expand and given our customers an extra delivery option which they love”

Shipping Rules: “The shipping rules feature worked in a similar way. Every decision was based on computer-driven intelligent selections. So, factors like where the parcel was going, what the customer paid and the size of the parcel are all programmed and the right shipping service is automatically selected every time. We operate in a 250,000 sq.ft. warehouse and have lots of staff, so to be able to minimise training and make the systems accessible to everyone was a real game changer”

Positive feedback & testimonials

Mazeys (mod clothing) - We wouldn’t be where we are today without a system akin to theirs backing us up, that’s without a doubt. Like most businesses, we are always looking to expand, and having Despatch Cloud providing us with a platform, we’ve been able to do it.

Rydale (country clothing) - The feeling of having a system you trust can’t be understated. It allows us the freedom to launch sales and promotional events without a nagging fear at the back of our minds of overselling. It’s provided a freedom to grow knowing we have a system to back us up

Funky Giraffe (baby bibs) - Despatch Cloud has allowed us to scale our business and a critical aspect of it is the ability to synchronise the stock between different sales channels. The team at Despatch Cloud have supported us throughout our growth and it has been a great ongoing relationship.


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