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epoq Stream


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epoq Stream or the so-called "Shopping Stream" creates a natural customer loyalty effect through entertainment in online shops by responding to digital entertainment needs of online customers. But how does it work? The Shopping Stream is a personalised shopping area for each unique customer, integrated as a separate landingpage or on the homepage of the online shop. It allows each customer to browse through their own product and brand world. In this way, the shop customers are offered relevant shopping news in real time, which prompts them to visit the online shop every day. Through the use of AI and the evaluation of current click and purchase behaviour, it is possible to play out relevant content and offer each customer a unique content and layout, as these are dynamically adapted to the customer and their preferences. This increases the repurchase rate on the one hand and improves the customer lifetime value on the other.

Distinction from the competition

epoq Stream is a service or innovation that does not yet exist on the market. Competitors already have services to personalise online shops, but they leave out the ever-increasing digital need for entertainment. This is what makes Shopping Stream unique. It offers not only a personalised area, but also a digital area with an entertainment factor.

Product or service innovations

The Shopping Stream makes online customers want to return to the online shop again and again, it thereby increases customer loyalty and creates a sustainable customer relationship. To ensure that this remains the case, the innovation is constantly being developed: For example, new widgets are constantly being created to reflect customer wishes in an even more personalised way. The latest innovation is the integration of interactive elements (gamification) to make online customers return to the online shop in a playful, interactive way and to induce them to make a repeat purchase.

Positive feedback & testimonials

Since the Shopping Stream is still a relatively new service, there are few conclusive studies on it. We have received initial, thoroughly positive feedback from our pilot customer OUTLETCITY METZINGEN: "As a pilot customer of epoq Stream, we are proud to open a new door in e-commerce. Like a good salesperson who knows his customers and their preferences, with epoq Stream we now offer each unique customer a personal selection of relevant products and content on a daily basis. Through this special product, we want to retain our customers even more closely to our online shop." Another success is the upcoming live launch of epoq Stream at a major customer in Switzerland. There, the Shopping Stream is soon going to be integrated into the online shop in order to generate a more customer loyalty, a sustainable customer relationship and to guarantee higher click rates.



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