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Unity Group has been realizing digital commerce transformation solutions < since.1997 > with over 500+ projects completed to date.

Founded in Poland, but now operating internationally, we’ve been perfecting the delivery of e-commerce solutions and supporting IT services to medium and large companies. We believe in delivering solutions with impact, resulting in measurable results aligned with business goals.

With over 350 employees - and currently growing at around 30% each year - we provide clients with end-to-end support, including omnichannel strategies and consulting, e-commerce platform development, IT system integration, data management and even advanced solutions such as machine learning and business intelligence.

We provide solutions in four key areas:

  1. Customer – e-commerce platforms and self-service portals for improved customer engagement
  2. Operations – from product content, pricing, inventory and order management to automation of essential operations for day to day business efficiency
  3. Data – business intelligence and data management solutions are essential components for any modern data-driven business
  4. Core - systems integration services and IT architecture that power your business

Our experts also provide business and technology consulting alongside software development. From initial analysis to architecture design and ongoing support and maintenance, we are the trusted partner our clients can depend on.

We help companies around the world to digitalize all aspects of business and gain the technological advantage! Our client lists includes Nestle, Volkswagen, McDonalds, Deutsche Bank, Leroy Merlin, SiG, Gemini Polska, Wittchen, Generali, GATX, OnniBus, Swiss Re, NestBank and Onninen, among others!

Distinction from the competition

We implement solutions that make a real impact! Our extensive technology expertise ensure we choose the right solution for your needs. Your strategy and business goals are our priority.

At Unity Group, people really make you feel the difference! We know that a people-first mentality brings the best results and that’s why working with us is really cool. Our biggest strength is people!

We are one agile partner for all results! We help our customers to digitalize all aspects of their business, end-to-end… and beyond. Our approach ensures our clients’ companies reaches their full potential in minimum time and with maximum efficiency.

If you want to know us, talk to our clients. Our reputation speaks for itself and we always give new clients to hear first-hand from our existing partnerships. It’s one of the ways we’ve made such long-lasting relationships over the last 25 years – by building on trust.

We say it as it is - no project is without risks. We are always honest about the possible challenges upfront. Through experience, we know how to adapt on the spot and resolve them. When we commit to a project we never back down. And we deliver - fully.

What is more, Unity Group is proud to be mentioned on the Bucket List of world’s most inspiring workplaces by Corporate Rebels as a “Progressive Polish IT company with self-organized teams, democracy, and distributed decision-making”!

Product or service innovations

We implement solutions according to the latest technological trends corresponding to the MACH approach (microservices, API first, cloud native SaaS and headless approach) and composable commerce. Containerized, scalable workloads on top of managed Kubernetes service and IaC implemented in Terraform became our standard. Read such an example later on with our Spryker based B2C e-commerce platform implementation for one of our clients.

Commerce transformation is more than just a fancy website, it's automatization and being data driven. We've built and implemented data science solutions such as dynamic pricing, automated scheduling and predictive maintenance for e-commerce, retail and distribution, respectively.

We’ve also developed a unique Omnichannel Cloud Platform solution - ONe platform. ONe is a system which combines traditional and digital sales, as well as B2B e-commerce and stationary customer service points, in order to implement a full omnichannel sales model. Our platform has recently received another round of funding in the amount of 1.7 million Euro, which increases our capital for platform development to 3.6 million Euro!

We organize one of the biggest business events in the industry: Commerce Transformation Days! The next edition will be held in September 2022 in Wroclaw!

Customer case study

We developed a B2C e-commerce platform based on headless commerce technology for Gemini Polska, responsible for Polish operations of Gemini Hutter.

Gemini Polska, which has been present since 1990 and operates over 180 stationary pharmacies, was forced to change its previous B2C e-commerce platform due to very strong growth of its online business. In order to achieve our clients’ business goals we chose Spryker technology, which is the only one that meets Gemini’s specific needs. What's more: it was the first e-commerce implementation based on Spryker in Poland!

More specifically, we implemented a modern e-commerce engine via the headless approach in conjunction with flexible, autoscaling AWS cloud infrastructure, which confidently supports any future growth the company may experience. We have also implemented a Product Information Management system (PIM), based on Pimcore, to facilitate and optimize work on product descriptions.

All of this resulted in a reliable e-pharmacy that’s both stable and performant, an increased number of users, high-performance application monitoring and no negative impact to SEO or business continuity!

Positive feedback & testimonials

“Unity Group once again showed its professionalism by delivering the project on time (with a short deadline in mind) and approached it with the creativity and responsiveness of an F1 race car!” Bernard Galko, E-commerce / Digital Director, Europe & Board Member, OnniBus

“Currently, the system enables the entire company to work and is actively used, as evidenced by the number of documents created from the day of commissioning. These are respectively 60,000 invoices, 2,800 requisitions and 2,400 orders.” Krzysztof Jeger, Head of IT Systems Integration and Maintenance Team, Volkswagen Group Polska

“The solution significantly organizes and broadly makes the data available, which is consolidated, standardized and properly aggregated, to other platforms and product information recipients within the Selena Group. The Unity Group team operates according to modern project management principles and adapts them according to needs. We work on a partnership basis, thanks to which we work in the spirit of teamwork and solve challenges that arise from week to week. We work openly and treat each other according to the WIN-WIN principle.” Krystian Stawinski, Group Innovation Manager, Selena Group

“Unity Group leads us through details. They challenge Euro with very precise questions and listen patiently to imprecise answers until both parties feel comfortable that the final result will meet expectations.” Anna Bogdanska Director of Digital Development, RTV EURO AGD



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