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Our primary interest is in increasing the productivity of payments for merchants, which ultimately leads to less friction for merchants, suppliers, and consumers alike.

Our tool is not a monitoring or routing tool, instead it solves problems at their source.

Distinction from the competition

CMSPI has a unique set of data of billions of transactions, covering all payments processors, gateways, fraud providers and schemes globally. This allows us to have a comprehensive view of how payments supply-chains are performing, meaning merchants do not have to rely on biased supplier-provided information and they gain true visibility of provider performance: whoever they use, however it’s set up.

We are independent from the payments supply-chain in that we have no conflicts of interest in terms or ownership or commercial relationships with other parties.

Product or service innovations

We have developed proprietary machine learning algorithms which are used to identify where problems in the payments-supply chain occur, that cause merchants to lose sales and experience fraud. We can make recommendations to merchants and payments suppliers to help to solve these problems. Instead: Based on these findings, we facilitate conversations between the parties concerned to increase the productivity of the whole payments’ ecosystem.

Customer case study

Global Fashion Retailer: Approvals Optimization Project. Our payments experts carried out a full benchmarking review, comparing the retailer's ecommerce approval rates against a CMSPI control group.

CMSPI’s payments experts carried out a full benchmarking review, comparing the retailer’s ecommerce approval rates against a CMSPI control group. This review highlighted a number of areas of underperformance, including:

• Payment methods • Issuing bank performance • Excessive instances of certain decline codes

By engaging with CMSPI, the merchant has improved their approval rates by 8% from January to April 2020. By working with CMSPI and actively pursuing greater approval rates, the retailer has significantly outperformed a market index of similar merchants by around 5%.


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