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Operations Experience Management Platform

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Our Operations Experience Management platform unlocks the potential of the post-sales experience, revolutionizing how people interact with brands. We transform operational data into impactful touch points, giving brands new opportunities to provide experiences people will love.

Data shows that many brands effectively ignore their customers post-sale and instead rely on carriers to provide updates. Here lies a huge opportunity for brands because 64% of customers state that transactional emails are the most important emails they receive. That's where parcelLab comes in: We enable brands to regain control of their end-to-end customer journey. Through our platform brands can build loyalty and trust by delivering an outstanding operations experience. Our platform enables brands to accompany customers during the entire shipping and returns process. The way customers experience the brand doesn’t stop once they’ve made a purchase. From delivery updates to confirmations and returns, they experience every element of the brand operations and with Operations Experience Management brands regain control over the customer journey and connect with their customers.

We close the customer experience gap. The parcelLab platform offers an automated communication that allows proactive customer care and maximize cross and up-selling. For brands, that means more chances to create relationships that last. And for the people that buy from them, it means turning mundane operational processes into moments of joy.

Distinction from the competition

Operations Experience Management is the beating heart of what we do. We enable brands to regain control of their end-to-end customer journey. Through our platform brands can build loyalty and trust by delivering an outstanding Operations Experience.

Our platform enables brands to accompany customers during the entire shipping and returns process. We are 100% white-labelled and our emails are fully customizable. parcelLab also communicates on the retailer’s domain. Additionally, we are 100% GDPR compliant and all client data is deleted after 3 months. parcelLab also speaks 32 languages. Therefore, we have experience shipping across borders and our team can handle international returns with ease.
Our solution does not require any IT resources as our specialist team oversees all of the setup. Track & Trace pages can be hosted or integrated. Post-sales communication is our focus – we deliver and adapt our solution to brands from all industries.

And data makes up the DNA of our solution. Our expert data core enables us to deliver the best possible results through complex data model layers, with expert extraction and interpretation. This is our key to creating truly unique end-to-end customer experiences.

With our platform, brands can delight every customer with a memorable Operations Experience in the brand’s individual look and feel.

Product or service innovations

Returns platform with new features parcelLab is the leading Operations Experience Management platform and also offers a digital returns platform as part of our solution. Within our returns platform – a digital solution for brands to handle their returns processes more efficiently and easier for their customers – we applied some new features. For example, if an item arrives damaged, the customer is asked automatically via the returns platform if they want a refund or exchange. We also implemented new ticketing procedures within the returns platform with the brand’s customer support team. In case of a damaged item, the customer is asked for pictures and descriptions of the issue which opens automatically a ticket with the brand’s customer support including all the information and a carrier label.
With our solution, it is also possible to ask the customer if they would like to receive a discount when receiving a damaged item, which then triggers a direct work flow with the brand’s customer service.

New ticketing procedures for outbound communications We also implement new ticketing procedures in terms of outbound communication, for example when the delivery is too late, a ticket with the brand’s customer support is opened automatically. Another new feature is that we send emails to the carrier if we don’t see a movement after three days in customs. The mails are on behalf of our customer asking the carrier what they need for further processing.

Omnichannel As part of an omnichannel strategy, we also offer the integration of in-app push notifications for brands which makes for another additional customer touchpoint brands can use.

Customer case study

MediaMarktSaturn introduced 2.5 million new customer touch points with our platform Before working with parcelLab, MediaMarktSaturn lost contact with customers after checkout. They recognized that this was a wasted opportunity for them to stand out, build loyalty and win repeat business. Which is why they decided that parcelLab would be the ideal partner, enabling them to regain full control of their communication throughout the entire customer journey. Our intelligent platform validates MediaMarktSaturn’s shipment data and combines it with their carrier’s shipping information to deliver personalized, accurate messages Working with parcelLab, the team created a new communication workflow, including a delivery window notification, pick-up updates and feedback requests. This approach enables them to successfully manage expectations, boost customer engagement and deliver a better overall service. After leveraging our platform to add new customer touch points, MediaMarktSaturn’s customer engagement increased throughout shipping and beyond. With open rates of 71%, their customers welcome the personalized, valuable information that they now receive. Additionally, the team have seen a significant drop in ‘Where is my order’ customer inquiries, meaning the cost and workload of the support team has reduced.

Positive feedback & testimonials

“Our partnership with parcelLab has given us many advantages. Our customers now receive all post-purchase messages directly from us, in our corporate identity and the Order Status page on our site has created some very valuable traffic.“ – Christian Schab, Head of E-Commerce 11teamsports

“We are a platform that has multiple stock points for a single order, which means providing a streamlined post-sales experience is more difficult. One of the big gains we see from our partnership with parcelLab is being able to show a customer with one link multiple fulfillment points rather than show them separately, which we found was a pain point for our customers before.” – Stuart Hill, FARFETCH’s SVP of Logistics

“We recognize that only satisfied customers return and become loyal customers. The delivery process certainly has an extensive influence on customer service inquiries.” – Sebastian Leiß, Product Owner Berlin Brand Group

“Our second major challenge was the lack of control we had over shipping communications with our customers — relying on the inconsistent and off-brand messages our carriers send to our customers about goods in-flight. Since the last impression is a lasting one, we wanted to change this, and parcelLab gave us an opportunity to tackle our two biggest problems in this space: visibility and agility.” – Calum McGee, Technical Product Owner Moo


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