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Prefixbox Digital Commerce Search Suite


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We provide a Digital Commerce Product Discovery Suite that helps retailers improve their online conversion while optimizing the shopping journey.

All of our data-driven products are built on top of our Search and Navigation Analytics and search logs. The Analytics portal can be accessed at any time and gives retailers detailed insight into their website's performance and how their customers are shopping.

These metrics can be used to identify popular products, which helps retailers plan their supply chain management - something even more critical now than ever.

Our detailed analytics (consisting of more than 100 different metrics) are built specifically for eCommerce, to enable more informed business decisions based on the following data:

  • search term analytics: find out how your customers are searching to identify your most popular searches, keywords to include in your next marketing campaigns, and the terminology your customers are using.
  • product analytics: see your most popular products along with detailed insight into how often each product is purchased and how much revenue it generates. You can also see the key terms shoppers are searching for and which product they end up buying, so you can update your product naming to better fit your customers.
  • 0-result analytics: find which search terms lead to 0-result pages, so you can update your product naming, stock more products, and add synonyms to relevant key terms – all to drastically decrease your 0-result rate.
  • merchandising analytics: get insightful reports on the number of impressions and clicks your banners and promoted products receive, see product views in conjunction with your campaigns, and see how your selected keywords perform.

The Prefixbox Product Discovery Suite underpinned by these detailed eCommerce-focused Analytics enable eTailers to gain a competitive advantage by improving shopping experience that translates to increased conversion rates and sales revenue.

Distinction from the competition

We are a best of breed solution for eCommerce product discovery and search and are most known for our data-driven approach to product discovery.

All of our modules are data-driven and continually improving as they are built upon our Search and Navigation Analytics platform. This analytics portal can be accessed by our clients at any time and has more than 100 different search, navigation, and merchandising metrics.

We provide a fully managed service, including optimization. We monitor the Analytics portal and use that data to identify optimization opportunities on our client’s webstore. After presenting strategies to them, we handle the optimization and report on the metrics in the Analytics portal.

We have a quick, and easy, integration process that is run by our dedicated Technical Integration Team. It includes A/B testing (online experiments) after integration in order to optimize features, relevance, conversion, and performance - all of which is visible in our Analytics portal.

Product or service innovations

Search Engine relevance Search UX Merchandising Merchandising campaign analytics Brand analytics Visual product discovery optimization Expanding our synonym database specific to languages and industries Improved intent refinement recommendations Autocomplete hover product preview

Customer case study

By leveraging the Search, Browse and Merchandise capabilities of the Prefixbox Product Search Suite our Clients reach quantifiable ROI in the first 3-4 weeks after onboarding our solution. The integration process is easy, fast and flexible and can be finished in less than 30 days/domain, after which the benefits of our solutions can be objectively measured through A/B testing and followed on our Analytics Portal. As our solution is self-learning, we continue to improve our Clients’ search results, quickly react to seasonal changes and trends.

Here are a few highlights of our Client’s success stories:

  • Bauhaus, one of Germany’s leading home improvement retailer has managed to increase their Cart Events via Search by  +17,01%, their Cart Value via Search by +19,14%, while decreasing their 0-result search rate significantly by  -73,14%, following the implementation of Prefixbox products.
  • Praktiker, a leading DIY store chain in Hungary with more than 20 stores and 1400 employees increased the average order value by +19%, and their conversion rate by +6.2% while decreasing their 0-result searches by -39% with the Prefixbox search solutions.
  • MediaMarkt, Europe’s largest consumer electronics retailer increased the mobile conversion rate of their Hungarian site by +8.4%, while the revenue/search user rate grew by +10.8%, with a decreased 0-result search rate of -13% by implementing the Autocomplete solution of Prefixbox.
  • Rossmann, one of the largest drug store chains in Europe, implemented the Related Searches solution to suggest products and keywords to shoppers in order to help easily disambiguate search queries, resulting in a +6.16% increase in online revenue, coming from a 6.76% increase in conversion rate.
Positive feedback & testimonials

„Based on Search Analytics data we have learned that conversion rate is three times higher for those visitors who use the search box on our site, meaning they are three times more likely to make a purchase, so using Prefixbox is essential for us. We are very satisfied with our cooperation, as after a simple integration step, it has become a significant asset in continuously improving our user experience, and increasing our online revenue, resulting in a multiple returns on our investment” - Szilvia Burka - Marketing Director and Board Member at Praktiker

Prefixbox’s A/B test results are objective and show improvements in almost all of our KPIs. However, the best thing about Prefixbox is the way they reached our goals with steadiness and a flexible attitude against strict requirements. - Levente Barta - Digital Sales Team Leader at MediaMarkt


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