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Dropshipping as a Service

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The dropshipping SaaS solution specialised in finding and connecting the right customers for suppliers and brands. Droppery allows you as a wholesaler, supplier or brand to expand your network of resellers. We make it possible for suppliers to start dropshipping in addition to their purchasing process and increase their turnover. For webshops, Droppery offers a wide variety of products (80.000+ unique products). Webshops can automate their entire sales process with a few clicks and can start to sell new products within no time.

Distinction from the competition

Droppery sets itself apart from the competitors by offering quality products from local suppliers. The reason Dropshipping has not been an attractive business model for many entrepreneurs is low quality products, long delivery times and poor customer support. Droppery changes that by only allowing quality suppliers on the platform, but also webshops who know how to sell online and have established a successful business. Therefore it is crucial to mention that Droppery is built in a way that dropshipping can be used next to the traditional inventory purchasing flows. Droppery can combine dropshipping with actual physical inventory. Being active in multiple countries, Droppery provides cross-border selling as well. It has never been easier to scale your brand or product range fast in a new market.

Product or service innovations

The biggest innovation for eCommerce is that Dropshipping gets a complete new light shed upon. Instead of being the black sheep, Droppery embraces the highly efficient method of Dropshipping and with that, having a positive impact on the environment as well. Next to that, the ability to run dropshipping next to the existing inventory purchasing process is something that has not been done before. Droppery enables you to combine Dropshipping and your own inventory without having to implement expensive and long custom development projects.

Customer case study

Droppery connects the inventory of suppliers with webshops that act as resellers. Bazar Bizar and tuinartikelen.nu are connected with each other, where tuinartikelen.nu provides a continuos stream of orders to Bazar Bizar. In this scenario, all companies profit, where tuinartikelen.nu is now selling without actually having to buy inventory upfront and the supplier receives extra orders without investing into marketing or other acquisition methods that cost a lot of money.

Positive feedback & testimonials

"Droppery allows us to scale fast online" - Brian Kosterman, owner of Epicgear.nl "Within the first weeks we already received multiple orders by our resellers, this is our new channel to gain online market share" - Mark Hoogkamer, Bazar Bizar "Through Droppery we are able to increase our product range with just a few clicks" - Tuinartikelen.nu

With over 50 unique suppliers and over 80000 unique SKUs, Droppery offers a broad product range. Additionally, Droppery is already available in multiple countries in the EU and offers the opportunity to sell cross border without technical limitations.



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