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DEITY (Falcon) Middleware

Product or service description

According to Gartner, “Composable Commerce Must Be Adopted for the Future of Applications” (June 18, 2020). Composable Commerce is still in its infancy. Most serious commerce services already deliver API’s to allow them to become a piece of a Composable Commerce stack, but so far, little attention has been paid in the market to the control center that is needed to manage this composition: the middleware.

DEITY, with years of experience in building modular commerce technologies, has leveraged its head-start in Composable technology by launching their Middleware for Composable Commerce. This Middleware manages all headless commerce integrations, giving an ecommerce company full control over all its desired data streams and their whole tech and service stack. With this Middleware, combined with the PWA DEITY was already well-known for, DEITY now delivers the missing piece of the puzzle for midmarket to enterprise customers who want to go Composable with their Commerce stack.

Distinction from the competition

DEITY is ecommerce focussed. We bring extensive knowledge of both frontend customer experience and backend business challenges together in the one Platform that really enables ecommerce excellence. We have a significant headstart over our competition with our technology, which makes our middleware the most mature composable ecommerce middleware out there.

Unlike most other middleware platforms, our middleware is truly agnostic and works with any Shop Platform - BigCommerce, Commercetools, Magento, Shopware et cetera - and any other API-based ecommerce service. This makes us the best future-proof best-of-breed choice.

And last but not least, we are the only Platform that combines Middleware with a PWA frontend toolkit, because we know that the Middleware is where you build your robust foundation, but the Frontend is where the magic happens. Unlike any other platform, we are entirely customer transaction oriented: from the first touchpoint until the deal is closed and paid.

Product or service innovations

We are the first middleware with a backend-to-backend Data Integration service, instead of only handling backend-to-frontend.

DEITY was the first company with a PWA toolkit that can get PWA’s in the Apple App Store, which saves the trouble of having to build a native iOS app.

We offer a unique Payment Service which gives you full control over your payments and check-out. You choose which methods you want to use, from which providers. You can offer all your customers the payment services that are catered to their individual needs, greatly improving your conversion rate.

Customer case study

JOSH V was initially running their store on Magento 1. They migrated the store from M1 to M2, including all history, while using DEITY Platform.

The new storefront features a mobile-first design based on DEITY PWA Storefront and uses its UI components, which allowed the development team to quickly and easily build the layout from scratch.

By using DEITY Middleware, JOSH V is now able to connect any service their business requires to their store. It allows them to use the best of both worlds by combining Magento 2 and WordPress and connect them individually to the same storefront.

Positive feedback & testimonials

‘’DEITY opens up the world of composable commerce for commercetools merchants by providing a powerful set of building blocks. DEITY is a solution to watch, they are one of the next big things in ecommerce.’’ Ivo Bronsveld, Head of Integrations at Commercetools

“DEITY’s innovative solution allows our merchants to adopt headless much more quickly than managing multiple layers of custom development, a huge leap forward!” Keith Karlick, Principal at Mercutio


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