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Cashback linked to investments. Get up to 100% back on any purchase

Product or service description

Revolutionary alternative to discounts! Brands can finally reward customers without damaging the perception of value and avoiding deep discounting.

When they sell with Tagpeak, 10% of any purchase will be invested in the financial markets and customers may get up to 100% cashback.

We are the first & only company doing this worldwide. This a complete new way of shopping!

Distinction from the competition

We help brands sell outside sales seasons and sell more at full price!

Tagpeak brings a compelling way of rewarding customers, that is unrelated to discounts. Brands can move away from discount seasons and smoothen sales seasonality.

All our competitors (traditional and pure online retailers) participate in deep discounting and rely on brands/manufacturers to provide them with enough margin to create an attractive deal. We don't!

Product or service innovations

The whole business model is an innovation! For buyers and sellers, this is a new approach to shopping!

Innovation #1: Tagpeak is the first company in the world that invests its profits and shares any gains with its customers.

Innovation #2: By linking a purchase to an investment, we can create a great deal for the customer, without eating up the manufacturers financials.

Innovation #3: For the first time ever, buyers and sellers are on the same side, once the return from the investments is shared between them.

Innovation #4: Rewards Dashboard - customers can follow the daily evolution of their cash rewards, and cash out anytime.

Customer case study

Step 1: Customer bought iPhone SE (2020) for €439 (wo/VAT) on 24th Feb 2021 Step 2: Device was delivered 1 week later Step 3: Tagpeak launched investment 14 days after delivery (returns period) Step 4: Customer cashed-in on 6th April and received €162 (37%) cashback on his bank account

Positive feedback & testimonials

Everyone likes good deals. Everyone likes Tagpeak!

Out of +1,000 that we've interviewed/pitched, 98% liked Tagpeak's model and would become customers.



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