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Bloomreach Engagement

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Product or service description

Bloomreach Engagement offers a leading Customer Data Platform (CDP), which unifies data from all customer touchpoints, as well as marketing automation solutions, which provide marketers with a complete toolset to build end-to-end, personalized customer journeys. Marketers can analyze customer data with tools ranging from reports and dashboards to data enrichment with AI-driven predictions and recommendations. With its native and customized integrations, Bloomreach also allows marketers to pass an unlimited array of segmentations and personalized content to their marketing channels in real-time — resulting in personalized, relevant, and magical experiences for their customers that drive measurable ROI.

Note: Bloomreach Engagement was previously known as Exponea. Exponea was acquired by Bloomreach in January 2021.

Distinction from the competition

Bloomreach solutions are unique in that they are specifically built for commerce. Digital has increasingly become the first channel through which customers engage with a brand, whether for inspiration, research, or purchase. The need for brands to offer personalized digital experiences that ultimately drive conversions (whether online or offline) is absolutely critical.

That’s why we’ve built our solutions with commerce at the forefront, uniquely combining the two sources of data that allow businesses to drive more personalized, revenue-driving commerce experiences — customer data and product data. The combination of these two data sources, optimized by powerful AI, allows brands to offer a scalable, end-to-end commerce experience. In turn, this helps them drive meaningful customer journeys that convert on any channel and every journey.

Product or service innovations

We introduced a number of innovations to Bloomreach Engagement in 2021. The first was an update to in-app messaging, a built-in mobile channel that allows customers to display personalized content within the native environment of their mobile app. We added additional personalization and predictive targeting capabilities, an easy-to-use visual editor, and more.

The next update was to product recommendations, introducing a predefined email recommendation block with a visual editor so users can customize it without getting into the HTML.

This year we've also launched two features crucial for companies trying to provide consistent personalization by mitigating the impact of cookie limitations on identifying anonymous visitors. We launched server-side cookies for customer tracking that mitigates the impact of ITP and other cookie limitations, and we've launched Facebook Conversions API integration, which allows users to send important events, such as purchases or leads, to Facebook Ads without having to rely on browser pixel tracking.

We also launched ‘Global URLs,’ which made it simpler to create and edit web personalization features with rules (like display on certain webpages) by centralizing it all within one place in our platform. This enhancement helped to boost our users’ everyday productivity. Another productivity boost for our customers came with the introduction of ‘snippets’ — custom pieces of Jinja, code, text, or HTML that can be saved in the platform’s Asset Manager and easily reused in campaigns.

Additionally, we upgraded our Shopify integration to enable even more Plug & Play use cases out-of-the-box. This means clients who are on Shopify will enjoy even faster time to value and more ROI from Bloomreach Engagement.

Other important innovations this year include the launch of MMS campaigns, which allows users to send images, gifs, and videos via text, and the introduction of fully coded, out-of-the-box email templates and weblayers.

Customer case study

MALL GROUP, a customer since 2018, is a leading e-commerce group in Central and Eastern Europe. MALL.CZ is one of its leading general e-shops in the Czech Republic.

Using Bloomreach Engagement (then called Exponea), MALL.CZ created a personalized video campaign that sent 20,000 personalized videos to a specifically-targeted audience. The goal was to target a specific audience (mostly computer gamers) who had a strong interest in watching the second season of MALL.TV’s series “Life is a game” using elements from the show to create a personalized video.

Bloomreach Engagement played a few roles in the execution of this video campaign. Via webhook, Bloomreach Engagement was first able to send data to the server of the agency creating the video, enabling the videos to display the names and information of recipients collected through our Customer Data Platform. Then, the agency created the video with the personalized information and sent the video back to our API, which made it possible for MALL.CZ to send the personalized videos to customers via a Bloomreach Engagement email campaign.

The video recorded a click-through-rate of more than 11 times the control database. Users who were targeted by the video bought 701% more worth of products in the MALL.CZ shopping gallery compared to others who saw the same offer in a different manner.

“The innovative personalized video campaign exceeded our expectations and helped us strengthen the Windows brand and device sales to a very complex target group,” said Michaela Vanerova, a Senior CRM Strategist at MALL.CZ. “We prepared real-quality targeting thanks to Exponea. Combining our data work with innovative and entertaining content from MALL.TV and adding a technological innovation that attracts customers, it brings perfect results to all parties.”

Positive feedback & testimonials

Our customer BrewDog has had many successes with its use of Bloomreach Engagement, but one in particular stands out. BrewDog took a group of 80,000 customers, sending half a non-personalized version of an email and the other half an upgraded version based on personalized data gathered through Engagement. The customers who received the personalized email clicked on it 15.6% more of the time, had a 11.5% conversion rate, and generated 13.8% more revenue compared to the 40,000 customers who all received the same non-personalized email.

“The next logical step for us was Bloomreach Engagement after outgrowing our previous marketing automation platform,” said Tom Reding, Director of Digital and E-Commerce for BrewDog. “It has the perfect combination of ease of use and complexity. It has truly enabled us to deliver personalized experiences at scale.”

Another example of positive results was demonstrated through a campaign run by our customer baby-walz. One of baby-walz’s key customer segments is expecting mothers. The pregnancy cycle is about 40 weeks, and consists of several identifiable stages. Using data responsibly gathered from customers and unified in the Engagement platform, baby-walz knew what stage of pregnancy a mother was in and created a campaign to send emails specifically tailored to a mother’s needs at that time. This campaign delivered excellent results; the average open rate for these emails was 53.8%, illustrating the power of such personalized emails.

Evidence of the positive reception of Bloomreach Engagement can also be seen in the awards and recognitions we received in 2021. We were awarded a number of titles by G2, including: CDP Momentum Leader (Spring 2021), a CDP Market Leader (Summer 2021), Best Relationship CDP (Summer 2021), Best Results CDP (Spring 2021), EU’s #1 CDP (Summer 2021), High Performer in Marketing Automation (Spring 2021, Enterprise), and Most Recommended CDP (Summer 2021, Enterprise).


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