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Channable Insights

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Channable Insights is the next step in performance optimization and reporting within Channable's feed management and PPC tool. It enables the user to get the most relevant information about their ROAS and profit, and, ultimately, boosting their sales.

Users can import both revenue and cost data from various CPC or CPS channels over a certain date range into Channable. That way, the tool can calculate new data such as ROAS at a product level. Channable also offers an incredibly easy integration of Google Analytics which imports your performance data straight to your Channable dashboard.

Channable Insights collects all important data of your product’s performance per advertising channel, such as Commissions, Clicks, and Bounces on CPC channels (like Google Shopping) or revenue, shipping costs, commission, and total costs on CPS channels (like Amazon). It automatically calculates ROAS or Total cost per item. The user can apply this data for product segmentations and campaign optimization.

Distinction from the competition

With Channable Insights you can get real-time data on how your products are performing, automate product segmentation based on product performance, adapt and optimize campaign goals based on ROAS or CPS, and make use of all the new data in your own reporting tool. All this data can be implemented in the creation of rules within Channable. Whereas without Channable Insights - and with competitors' solutions - you’d have to manually determine some action criterion, Channable Insights can be used to automatically program rules and it can trigger rules when certain conditions are met.

This means that Channable Insights complements the feed management and PPC features within the Channable tool and enables the user to manage a 360° eCommerce strategy in one single place.

Our competitors offer only single components of this package which means that the user has to subscribe to multiple tools (for example separate tools for feed optimization, PPC automation, and Analytics data aggregation) in order to get the full data optimization potential. In return, this would also mean multiple logins, multiple dashboards and limited combination options for data insights.

Product or service innovations

Channable Insights is a complete new feature that has been launched within the Channable product in April 2021. This means that it enriches the Channable suite through:

  • data-dependent adjustments in the campaign setup
  • displaying and combining revenue and cost data with one view
  • the ability to apply the Insights data directly into the rule system for feeds and ads
Customer case study

Men's fashion retailer Suitable had the following challenge: Performance data of one product sits within 12 different Google Ads accounts, spread over 7 countries, for example on brand or country level. But before they could optimize the position of this specific product within their Shopping campaign setup, they had to collect and aggregate all the data available.

Suitable achieved a clever, product ROAS and brand ROAS based campaign setup that automatically boosts products with a high ROAS and discards products that are performing below a pre-determined threshold:

  • By combining insights from different channels to capture performance learnings about a product on country or brand level.
  • By using the Channable rule system to automatically remove low-performing items from a campaign.
  • By creating a ‘limited views’ smart campaign to boost the products that previously have not gotten the attention they deserve.

Pieter-Jan Schutte, E-Commerce Manager at Suitable: ”Previously we did these analyses manually but with over 7 countries and more than 12 accounts, this was no longer manageable or scalable. We are now more in-control by being able to steer either on ROAS or on traffic.”

Positive feedback & testimonials

Pieter-Jan Schutte, E-Commerce Manager at men's fashion retailer Suitable: "Channable Insights has helped us tremendously to understand the end result across different Ads accounts that could otherwise cannibalize among themselves.”


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