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The E-CONOMIX Group is one of the leading Austrian digital agencies for digital consulting, TYPO3 and Magento. Apart from our main focus on digital commerce, corporate websites, and optimization of web projects we have extended our core competencies together with our subsidiaries in form of PIM, SEO, online marketing, and data protection to accompany the success of our clients as a 360-degree agency. Together we have successfully served over 850 customers in the last 20 years.

Distinction from the competition

Together with our subsidiaries, we cover the whole digital experience for our clients. From digital consulting to digital commerce and corporate websites with TYPO3, Magento and WordPress to SEO, conversion rate optimization, automated data protection and PIM. This broad positioning allows our clients to rely on the work of the E-CONOMIX Group while every single subsidiary is able to focus on their core skills.

We are certain that no one can do everything at once and have expertise in every field - that's why we gathered the best from every field and formed a union of experts for our clients to serve them in the best way possible.

Product or service innovations

We are proud to say that we have completed 21 customer projects in 2021 - from e-commerce to corporate websites and helped them succeed in the world of digitalization as a 360-degree digital agency. That implies that we did not only help them achieve their goals by building a custom website or webshop but supporting their goals together with our specialists in data privacy, search engine optimization and online marketing, as well as creating a custom strategy beforehand and optimizing their digital presence after the go-live.

Customer case study

Together with our subsidiaries, we developed a B2C Webshop, as well as a corporate website for Eisbär, an Austrian company specializing in outdoor headgear. The main requirement from Eisbär was to have the shop ready to launch in Austria and Germany and an international website in German and English for the start of the winter season. Further languages and countries will follow. Their goal was to represent themselves not only as the producers but as a vendor for B2C clients as well.

Since there were so many different parties involved in this project, it was a challenge to tune them in order to manage the dependencies. Another key challenge was to connect the different technical systems to each other since there are a lot of third-party systems concerned. We are very happy to have launched the shop and website on schedule, ready for the winter season to start, and were able to include some great features for their online presence, like a store locator, connection to third-party systems like Navision, an outstanding modern design with a lot of fine details, as well as predefined country selection based on browser language.

We supported Eisbär on their general project management for the project, made several requirements specifications for the different phases of the project, developed an online shop, as well as a website, incorporated our automated data privacy software from DataReporter, and take care of their search engine advertising.

Positive feedback & testimonials

Auf Kundenanfragen wird eingegangen, die Machbarkeit und Plausibilität geprüft, sowie auf mögliche Nebeneffekte (Performance, Usability, etc.) hingewiesen. Seit der Zuteilung von Fr. Prange als Projektmanagerin für den Magento Web-Shop hat sich die Qualität der Zusammenarbeit/Support deutlich verbessert. Organisatorische, wie auch zeitliche Anfragen werden laufend aufgegriffen und zeitnah erledigt.

  • KTM Fahrrad GmbH

Der Webshop ist live, wird kontinuierlich weiter optimiert und um Features erweitert. Eine bessere Projektleitung und Beratung ist aus unserer Sicht kaum möglich.

  • Kofferworld.de online - Vertriebs GmbH


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