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The XIONI Suite is the first API first and Headless Software, which combines a PIM, MDA and a CIM (Configuration Information Management) The CIM hosts the product logic, dependencies, single variants, family trees and it is very granular. Every product variant is treated as a single product within a family tree product. Each variant or master product is editable to its lowest levels.

Distinction from the competition

PIM or MDA Systems have only the option to display family trees without logic or intelligence. Furthermore the do not display it automatically within the frontend of a Shopsystem. XIONI delivers with the XIONI Suite a PIM, MDA and a CIM (logic & intelligence) combined with CMS Tools for Shopware 6 and others OOTB, no code needed.

Product or service innovations

Headless and API first approach. The XIONI Logic was coded in Google Go and it is Open Source. Dynamic CMS Elements for e.g. Shopware 6 and others.

Customer case study

There are two possible data outflows from an erp system. Single products oder family tree product with part lists. The single products can enhanced with a logic to be a configuration product, but each single product is piggy backed within the configuration, so that the stock, controlling can be work backwards into the erp. The part List and family tree products can be split into single products for stock and controlling things.

Positive feedback & testimonials

Finally a tool which master all data relatives and can display it without coding . Even Data enhancing tools like are PIM included.



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