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Huboo was founded in 2017 by CEO Martin Bysh and CTO Paul Dodd to help start up and SME businesses realise their full potential. Coming from an eCommerce and tech background, Martin and Paul were frustrated by the lack of quality, trusted multichannel fulfilment providers, and that’s how the idea of Huboo was born. Since being founded, Huboo have seen exponential growth and now have fulfilment centres in three countries (UK, The Netherlands and Spain) with more to come in 2022 following the close of their Series B funding round where they raised £60m investment. Huboo is the fastest growing UK-headquartered fulfilment technology provider enabling online retailers of all sizes to access a complete end-to-end fulfilment operation within minutes. Since 2018, annual turnover has risen from £61k to £4.2m in 2020. Turnover up to April 2021 is £6.1m and forecast turnover for the year ending September 2021 is £14.2m. By creating an offering that is accessible to all retailers, including independent businesses, small eCommerce providers and even startup D2C brands, Huboo has defined a new category within UK fulfilment estimated to be worth approximately £1bn annually, second only to Amazon. Huboo not only offers reasonable pricing for its fulfilment services, but it is transparent about their costings. Before new account holders get started, they’ll be able to review their price options to make sure they’re choosing the right plan to suit their business. They will then be put through to a member of Huboo’s friendly sales team who’ll offer advice, answer any questions, and help them to confirm which plan works best for them. They'll then have access to our Huboo dashboard which will give you key analytics of your account as well as real-time billing information, so customers can find out on a daily, or even an hourly basis, exactly what it's costing them. Once clients have sent their initial stock over, all potential logistical headaches are taken out of the equation.

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Huboo are disrupting the industry through its intuitive software, providing everything from transaction management and quality control, stock control, order tracking and billing information to integration with popular sales channels and marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay and Shopify. It uses its tech-powered micro-warehouses to deliver real-time insights on retailers’ performance across all sales channels, analyse their stock levels and make smart predictions about future sales trends and audience behaviours. Huboo are also fully transparent with fees so there are no nasty surprises, and the platform is free for all of its clients. Huboo combines this multi-channel management software with a transformational ‘micro-warehousing’ model, called the “Hub” model, reinventing the traditional warehouse model. This enables a client’s products to be individually looked after by a Hub Manager, so that clients enjoy direct communication with their dedicated team, rather than relying on a remote customer service function and allows its warehouse teams to work productively within a more manageable environment. It also improves efficiency by underpinning all warehouse operations with real-time management technology, and it eliminates the gruelling back-and-forth of conventional warehouse roles. By centralising everything on one easy-to-use dashboard, Huboo take the friction out of eCommerce so that the order fulfilment process, from inventory management to shipping and returns, is slicker than ever before. This innovation also democratises eCommerce, particularly for smaller enterprises, with many of the traditional costs and punitive contractual stipulations, eradicated to ensure retailers of all sizes can access its services. Huboo provides several value-adds to their clients, such as bespoke packaging options, eco-friendly options including an EV fleet network, and access to a wealth of eCommerce partners who provide services such as multichannel management and marketing.

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Huboo is developing its data insight capabilities to help clients further optimise their future sales efforts. A growing team of data scientists and engineers are working with NLP, image recognition, and predictive algorithms to examine how warehouses can improve efficiencies and enable warehouses to thrive. Huboo has built a 3D model of its warehouses, allowing it to use VR to navigate each warehouse, select sales and stock data right off the virtual shelves, and source more detailed analytics. Huboo’s leadership teams can run instant health checks of individual hubs, enabling remote warehouse analysis, leaving on-the-ground managers free and uninterrupted. The 3D modelling approach will also help improve speed to market in new territories, creating a repeatable, international playbook all over the world that's continuously improving thanks to ongoing data analytics. Throughout 2020, the business recruited 149 new employees; grew its total UK warehouse space to over 11sqm, onboarded 712 new clients and achieved its first £1m turnover month. After 2020’s success, Huboo is currently expanding into Europe by launching new warehouses in the Netherlands and Spain, creating 200 new jobs in Netherlands alone. Huboo’s agile, software-based onboarding process meant that, even at the height of the pandemic, the business could onboard over 50 new clients per month while many of its competitors were rejecting new business or were unable to trade at all. As we move towards the post-COVID society, Huboo’s technology ensures that it retains a competitive advantage and can anticipate broader changes in demand across its entire client portfolio. Warehouse teams are now using Zebra connected handheld devices to support perfect picking; producing 100% accurate warehouse data, giving clarity on the precise cost of each hub. Huboo’s spatial data shows the footprint, distance and total area used by each hub, and therefore its individual costs and helps to predict future staffing needs.

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