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Anonymous website personalization solution which segments customers based on the intent of their shopping mission and dynamically updates their e-commerce journey based on their behaviour


Product or service description

Personify XP is the world’s first, anonymous, behavioural identification and real-time personalization tool. Our tool builds segmentation, anonymously identifies the ‘intent’ of website visitors and segments them, and then customizes their browsing experience. Our software is deployed across a variety of use cases including personalizing e-commerce websites for retail clients and optimizing content sites such as news sites, blogs, display pages, etc.

Our software tracks all in-session actions including every click, scroll and hover that a website visitor takes. In real-time, we aggregate data from all sessions to identify behaviors that can be matched to segments (CDPs). This data aggregation process is ongoing and is constantly being refined as customer behavior changes. Each user is assigned a unique score, placing them in a dynamic segment, which ultimately drives personalization on site.

Distinction from the competition

Personify retains visitor anonymity and does not use any third-party cookies to segment users. We rely on single-session data, meaning that we can recognize and segment every one of your website visitors, even if they are not logged in and have never previously interacted with you. As we continue to transition to a privacy-first world, and privacy laws such as CCPA and GDPR limit the ability to track your customers, an anonymous solution is exactly what you need!

We also work well integrating with our competitors. If customers already have a personalization tool that they love, our solution can easily integrate into existing personalization platforms or other systems by tracking behavioral data and inputting that data into your existing system (content management, e-commerce, a/b testing). This can be extremely valuable and integration is easy as we are API MACH-friendly stack first, making integration with current offerings simple.

Product or service innovations

In the last 12 months we have developed and launched a 'customer dashboard' which is a single glance view at all active customer segments, including tracking and mission scoring. Through the dashboard, it is also possible to see how each widget is scoring in terms of AOV, conversion rate and bounce rate and to edit existing Personify widgets (including product recommendations, content recommendations, product ranking, etc.).

We are constantly refining and updating the use cases that our product is applicable to and hope to soon launch with a media customer on content optimization for different online users.

Customer case study

We have worked with a major electronics retailer to optimize their web page to different customers. Prior to working with Personify, the retailer realized that they had two distinctive customer segments visiting their site. Some (less tech-savy) users were looking for a basic product that they already had in mind, while others (more tech-savy) were looking to browse. Personify used behavioural tracking to identify which user was which as they came to the website and we now optimize the web content based on which user is visiting.

Since implementing our product, this retailer has significantly reduced website bounce, and has increased revenue by 25%. They continue to work with us on implementing new products.

Positive feedback & testimonials

We have proven to increase customer revenue by 10%+, eliminated manual personalization segmentation that e-commerce marketers are frustrated with, and do all of this without using any cookies!!

"The team have provided outstanding service to our retail website. The conversion has substantially increased on what is predominantly first time and anonymous visitors through real-time behavioural personalisation. I would thoroughly recommend their service for any company."

"We liked the tool's ability to cross and up-sell to customers backed up by the good service Ben and team offer. We saw a 20% in order value which which helps accelerating online growth."


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