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Reusable packaging for e-commerce


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Ecommerce is plagued with packaging waste! To make online shopping more sustainable we have created boxes in polypropylene - a lightweight, sturdy and impact resistant material that can be reused many times over. Easy to mount, these boxes offer unparalleled protection for textile and hard goods, making shipping damage a thing of the past.

Once empty they fold flat in seconds to an envelope size, enabling their easy return via pre-stamped postal services or designated collection points.

Polypropylene packaging does not get destroyed during the unboxing process. It can be cleaned, sorted and used again, up to 8 times. Whether you are a brand owner wanting to show environmental leadership; an online shopper struggling with item returns when original packaging is ripped open; or a buyer and seller on second-hand apps – polypropylene boxes will help you end packaging waste, contributing to a low carbon future.

Boxes exist in a variety of colours and formats, have a high degree of recycled content and are fully recyclable at the end of their useful life into brand new packaging without downgrading.

The future is greener when switching to an use-return-reuse model for up to 8 times, versus the current model of use once-dispose-recycle.

Distinction from the competition

We use polypropylene to make packaging, a lightweight, but strong and water resistant material, that does not get easily damaged or destroyed and that has the ability to be cleaned, sorted and Re-used. Our packaging goes from flat to erect in seconds, and then flat back again, making it ideal for their easy return via postal services or designated physical collection points.

Product or service innovations

We have produced and patented an innovative material with a soft, fiber-like touch, coupled with the strength of plastic and a flat surface excellent for printing brand messages. It can be transformed into pouches of small and large formats, ideal to ship Fashion & Accessories from small jewellery items to large coats and everything in between. As all of our packaging, it goes from flat to erect in seconds, and then flat again. It can be coated with Anti-bacterial treatment, ensuring that 99,9% of pathogens cannot survive in its surface.

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CORPLEX has got a 50 years history of designing, developing, manufacturing and implementing packaging reusable schemes for a variety of industry segments.


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