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e-bot7 is the leading Conversational AI-Platform using AI-based Chatbots. We make Conversational AI simple.


Product or service description

e-bot7 is the leading AI platform for customer service automation. We develop practical applications of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence for customer service and help companies to increase efficiency in customer service. The AI platform automates responses and processes on different channels and supports employee AI-based response suggestions. This drastically reduces costs and increases revenues. With our solution, we can increase customer service efficiency by up to 80%.

Distinction from the competition

The core of our value proposition is our technology which is proprietary. While most in the industry choose to leverage third-party neural networks, offering simply an interface for end customers, having our own data scientists and technology allows us to constantly innovate and improve our models while offering a comprehensive, tailored solution to each of our customers to help them make the most of their opportunities. In addition, we have made our solution very easy to use. We offer a train the trainer approach that allows our clients to become experts and own the solution themselves. They do not need a tech background. There is no coding required to use and modify the solution. We believe the future of technology lies in its ability to empower humans. As such, we have built a hybrid Agent+AI solution that offers a dynamic offering that learns from your agents and their daily operations growing with you and your business. We trained our models on proprietary data in the area of customer service, making it much more specific and accurate. In regards to our NLP accuracy, the only ones that come close are IBM and Google. The difference is that any implementations with companies of that size are measured in years, we measure it in weeks.

Product or service innovations

One of our recent innovations is the Conversational Engine. The centerpiece of the new system is the Botlang programming language. Botlang is a new programming language that is specifically built for the purpose of writing safe, efficient chat bots without having to worry about the details of how and where conversation state is stored. This makes it possible to express conversation logic in a few lines of text without having to resort to AWS-Lambda functions. Another big advantage is, that Botlangs development is completely in the hands of e-bot7, which lets us support new features at the level of the programming language itself.

The Conversational Engine itself is the part of the system that executes Botlang code and handles all the low-level tasks such as:

  • Managing conversation-state
  • Talking to bot-brain
  • Making requests to external services

The Conversational Engine uses a serverless architecture to be able to keep up with rapid growth in the number of customers and chats we serve on a daily basis.

Customer case study

HDI was looking for an innovative and interactive way to integrate a chatbot in their sales process. Their goal was to establish a process, where the customer is able to close an insurance policy within a conversation via chatbot. Today, customers prefer to communicate with companies via text messages instead of filling out a static form. The challenge was therefore to find the right use case for the lead generation chatbot as well as the ability to go through the whole buying process, including the payment process through an integration PayPal.

HDI evaluated internal use cases and identified the following as most promising: within their car insurance programmes HDI offer the option to their customers to add drivers temporarily to their insurance plan. This case is relevant if HDI customers are planning to lend their car to a family member or friend, who is not listened in their insurance policy. The process to register someone as an additional driver is highly standardized and therefore easy to automate. HDI deployed the e-bot7 solution on their website to handle these requests with the help of chatbot Lizzy. Lizzy guides customers through the process of adding drivers to their existing insurance plan. This process is fully automated, meaning HDI does not need to allocate any internal resources, and is completed in only three minutes.

Chatbot Lizzy answers 98% of all incoming requests regarding the driver extension automatically. In an integrated feedback option 89% of the users noted that their experience with chatbot Lizzy was excellent and 11% describe is as satisfying. Chatbot Lizzy is available around the clock, giving HDI customers more flexibility to add a driver to their car insurance policy, while generating hidden sales potential after working hours for HDI. More than one third of all chats lead to a transaction, making chatbot Lizzy a successful team member of HDI.

Positive feedback & testimonials

We recently were analysed fo the InsurTech 2020 study. Our solution won already over 20 Awards including CCW Most Innovative Solution 2018, Impact Growth EU Tech of the Year 2018, Broadband Forum Company of the Year 2018, Diamond Award - Best InsurTech 2018, Insurance Shaper of the Year 2018.

Here are also some verified customer reviews:

Frank Merkel, Senior Manager at Deutsche Bahn: "We were particularly impressed by the speed, simplicity and variability."

Mirijam Dieser, Head of Content at HDI: "Simple handling, fast implementation and flexible integration. We are very satisfied."

Jessica Grimm, Head of Localization at Lovoo: "With e-bot7 we reduced our average processing time."



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