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Using the 3DShot app, you can easily create and share interactive 3D Views and record 3D Reviews. Share 3D Views or 3D Reviews on websites, marketplaces, and classifieds to sell faster. Make 3D Reviews of products using augmented reality.

Distinction from the competition

3DShot is the first mobile app that allows sellers to create immersive content (3D Views and 3D Reviews) of any object, from a ring to a car. Marketplaces and classifieds will be able to enhance the customer experience. Interactive 3D Views allow buyers to examine the product from any angle. Additional interactivity boosts engagement, increases the time spent on the product page, and thus has a positive impact on conversion.

At the same time, we guarantee seamless integration with marketplaces, since we provide the necessary API / SDK.

SMBs will get to use this new format to showcase products on social media, e-commerce platforms like Shopify, as well as for direct selling. For the first time, the only thing they’ll need is a regular smartphone.

Virtual copies of products allow sellers to have influencers participate in the selling process and shipping is no longer required. 3D Reviews make it possible to show the product in a way that catches the customer’s eye right from the get-go. The format is compatible with any platform that supports videos.

Product or service innovations

3 biggest innovations:

  • 3DShot app with 3 modes for immersive content production: Objects & People; Cars & Vehicles; Watches, Jewelry or similar
  • 3D Review mode for social selling
  • High-resolution data streaming for the created content. The first app that guarantees this level of zoom quality for product and car shoots alike.
Customer case study

Ferrari Moscow sells unique cars and their visualization is extremely important for delivering information to the client. Moreover, it is important not only for demonstrating the cars on the website but for direct sales as well. To create a virtual copy of any car, it’s enough to walk around it using the appropriate mode in the 3DShot application. It took 5 minutes to digitize the Ferrari model (see the name on the website) and upload the result to the user's account. An embed code was created automatically in the user account and later integrated into the website. An example of a 3D image can be seen here -

Positive feedback & testimonials

The 3DShot was launched in January 2021. At the moment, all testimonials come from clients who are using our enterprise product, the Cappasity SaaS platform. Among our clients are such brands as YSL, TSUM, LFCorp, Samsonite, ba&sh, and many more.

Andreas Schmeidler, Chairman of TSUM “We managed to increase the conversion rate by almost 40% for products in categories which have been 3D digitized by Cappasity and have been clicked and viewed by visitors. 3D is the technology that allows us to be innovative and to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We are seeing stronger customer engagement.”

Jay Nigrelli, VP of E-Commerce at SAMSONITE “It is important for our customers to have the opportunity to examine the goods in detail, and 3D visualization allows us to bridge the gap between online shopping and brick-and-mortar stores. We chose Cappasity because their solution allows us to share comprehensive product information with our customers.”


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