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tricoma Maneta

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Our product tricoma 5.0 Maneta is a modern all-in-one ERP system. tricoma is the next generation business solution. Our software grows together with our customers. tricoma team offers a full-fledged support: from hosting and installation to satisfying all kind of customer needs. Maneta combines usability and productivity. We rely on AI and thus make our customers' daily work easier. We are reliable partner in the area of e-commerce and online sales.

Unterscheidung von der Konkurrenz

tricoma AG also operate online stores with in-house shipping. We use our own experience to make Maneta better: major issues are identified and fixed on the early stage. Thus we grow and develop constantly. tricoma 5.0 Maneta is the perfect solution for the goods trade in the e-commerce.

Produkt- oder Dienstleistungsinnovationen

On 23 September 2022 we have released our new product. Our latest innovation is tricoma 5.0. Maneta. We have created a milestone in the history of our software. Maneta has completely new user-interface, the variety of functions is almost endless: each customer will by sure find the functionality he needs.

Case Study

Here can you read case study with DHL and Greendonkey GmbH:

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Here can you watch the testimonials of Greendonkey GmbH ( and Elements Logic (



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