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Holistic marketing & retail management for your business on Amazon – and beyond.

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FACTOR-A/DEPT® offers holistic marketplace management for global brands - with a specialization in Amazon.

We are involved in every aspect of the strategic and operational spectrum: from product data management to retail media, 360° strategizing and active channel management. With over 400 completed projects, we are marketplace pioneers with the expertise and experience to help brands and manufactures get ahead of the competition with our proven growth system.

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  • We cover all relevant markets and players worldwide. Our crew is 130 experts strong, consisting of 7 nationalities - we are big enough to cope, but small enough to care.

  • We combine creativity, data and technology in one agency which enables us to act faster and achieve better results. Some examples include but are not limited to: asset and content creation at scale, holistic channel dashboards and our award-winning retail media campaign optimization software.

  • Together with our +3500 colleagues at DEPT® we break down the silos between CMOs and CSOs to deliver holistic E-Commerce and Digital Marketing solutions.

  • We are not only striving to be the best agency in the world but also FOR the world. As the first B-Corp certified agency worldwide, we hold ourselves to high social and environmental standards.

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  • Marketplaces insights: we help clients understand their market share and positioning, including strategic recommendations and actionable insights.

  • Multi-channel business intelligence: our tech and data teams combine all digital channel data in one place which allows brands to proactively make moves instead of fixing issues.

  • Content at scale: our suite allows the creation of thousands of assets in minutes to deliver a competitive edge and ensure a first class brand experience

  • Amazon Academy: We want our clients to have the greatest knowledge possible, which is why we’ve created this academy. We help brands build up and train an internal Amazon Team by transferring our knowledge and expertise to them

  • Our AI based campaign automation suite now covers over 15 retail media partners worldwide next to Amazon and Walmart.

Case Study

JBL’s sales on Amazon grew 19% year-over-year despite the post-covid downward market trend.

We started our collaboration with JBL in 2018 where we first set the groundwork in order to leverage the full growth potential by creating premium content, both B+, A+ and a relevant Brand Store. This was an important step to create organic visibility through keywords while also increasing conversion through images and better product and brand information. We continued to increase efficiency by revising and thus optimizing a product variation logic that would allow for the best possible customer experience.

Advertising leveraged this groundwork and helped to increase traffic on the now fully optimized product detail pages. By adding granularity to the campaigns, more insights have been generated on funnel stages and the budget incrementally spent. We could steer, measure and adjust the strategy even better by introducing a layer of market and brand insights through consulting services. Quarterly reviews helped us benchmark performance and visibility against competitors. We were able to use these insights to identify opportunities to grow from different angles that translated into deep diving into the portfolio depth, choice of products and use of dayparting, among others.

At first, a centralized approach was beneficial in order to lay the foundation for success and we now move towards localizing specific areas where JBL sees potential and where markets or consumers behave differently and deserve a closer look. By adding a new step with us whenever the timing was right, JBL increased their revenue by 18.85% in 2022 compared to 2021.




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