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visual content and photography production & automation solutions

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Product or service description

Profoto is the number 1 light shaping company and provider of e-commerce content creation solutions. Profoto systems enable studio professionals around the world to create pro-quality content for e-commerce and editorial that supports higher sales and keeps return rates low.

Our scalable e-commerce solutions cover workflow management, content creation systems for photo and video, and seamless integration with post-production services. Streamlined content creation tools from a single source eliminate studio bottlenecks and help get your products online faster.

Distinction from the competition
  • An all-in-one e-commerce studio solution covering content creation from end to end
  • Hardware that seamlessly integrates with intelligent and user-friendly workflow software
  • Customizable solutions for high-quality content creation at scale
  • Hassle-free product photography and videography: Profoto doesn’t do complicated
  • Content creation with a consistent visual language across all channels
  • No more dependencies on external content providers
  • Full creative control over all your content – whenever you need it
Product or service innovations
  • ProStudio workflow: Second-to-none workflow software that seamlessly integrates with our content solutions. A digital assembly line for high-volume e-commerce studios.
  • Profoto Elevate: Our dynamic solution for photo and video content creation of models with one flexible setup.
  • Profoto StyleShoots Eclipse: A smart content allrounder for photo and video content of shoes, accessories, and more.
Customer case study

“What once took days to shoot 50 styles now takes hours and cuts the crew from five people into one.” - Amy Smith, TOMS Shoes

Globus Switzerland has increased its studio productivity of the studio using Profoto systems. Products go online faster, and the team is fully in control of producing consistent content for their channels.

More testimonials here:

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