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Dixa Customer Experience platform

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Businesses are losing more than $75bn per year due to poor customer service. This is because, in 8 out of 10 companies, channels, systems and data exist in separate silos – meaning the customer service team is unable to solve problems quickly, impact sales or improve the company's bottom line.

Dixa was founded to counteract the increasingly impersonal and transactional nature of customer service. We help customer service leaders create effortless customer experiences and team experiences that unlock loyalty.

We provide an agent-first customer service platform. Dixa’s Conversational Customer Service Platform combines powerful AI with a human touch to deliver a highly personalized service experience that scales.

Dixa powers more than 30 million conversations a year. We’re scaling fast and have raised over $150+ million and are trusted by leading brands such as Dott, Grover, Rapha, Interflora, Butternut Box, Celebrate Company, Too Good To Go, and over 800 other amazing brands.

Distinction from the competition

Traditional ticketing systems, classic contact center platforms, and 1st gen chat solutions are built for a transactional customer service world. We replace them all in one unified platform.

We’ve two things that set us apart from the competition:

-A one-screen wonder

We get rid of headache-inducing workflows. No more shared inboxes. No need to load several systems to solve queries. A one-screen wonder. One screen is all you need.

Dixa has the UX team’s love, enabling customers to deliver the CX their customers dream of. We’ve got everything built-in you need to deliver superior service. The days of impersonal ticket-based communication have passed.

Our customer, Interflora, despite a +30% increase in orders, is now able to answer 70% of calls within 30 seconds, from having a one-screen wonder.

Every channel is out of the box. A true omnichannel platform with all-native channels, even voice. You skip the plug-ins and get all the features you need from Day 1.

As agents have all the information at their fingertips to help the customer, we typically see a decrease in First Response Time (FRT) of 23%. This results in a far better customer experience, building trust and loyalty.

-A better AX (Agent Experience) for a better CX (Customer Experience)

Shoppers have a lot of questions. Our AI-powered chatbot can handle up to 80% of repetitive requests, so agents have time to focus on inquiries that need a human touch.

Automation and AI combined with the simplicity of our platform, sets us streets ahead of the competition. We’ve seen shorter onboarding of agents across our customers. Too Good To Go increased their number of agents by 400% in 6 months across 9 countries and saw an average onboarding training time of 1.5 hours per agent.

Product or service innovations

-Mim (AI-powered chatbot)

When we introduced AI to our platform, we knew that some people would assume that agents were on their way out. By using AI to enable agents to be even better at their jobs – faster, more knowledgeable, less stressed - that’s customer service that builds loyalty for life, with the ability to scale.

Our AI-powered chatbot, Mim, reduces support volume. Mim is powered by OpenAI and based on your knowledge base. You can engage at scale with instant, accurate answers for customers.

We have automated up to 80% of requests so your agents can focus on high-value inquiries. This helps customers get the information they need, quickly - while also not overwhelming your customer service agents. A frictionless experience for both customers and agents.

-Advanced Contact Management

Merging contacts with multiple email addresses and phone numbers is crucial for the customer experience. With this feature, you can recognize customers across channels and provide them with a seamless experience without ever asking them to repeat their inquiries. Add custom attributes to contacts in Dixa, apply advanced routing rules, and sync with CRMs via integrations.

8 out of 10 companies operate in silos, meaning the customer will be Query A via email and Query B via phone. We make it easy for both the customer and agent to resolve their query, and connect with the customer - regardless of the channels they reach out on, or the email address they choose to contact us via.

Customer case study

tink GmbH

The leading comparison site and marketplace for smart home technology

Challenge: Transforming from a cost-center into a value-center

A fast-growing company facing operational inefficiencies in customer service No knowledge base to help onboard and train agents The self-service offering was not strong enough to help mitigate seasonal peaks and let customers help themselves to get answers fast and deflect inbound calls/messages to agents Lack of insight into agent performance impacting customer experience

Results: An elevated customer experience has ignited business growth!

Tink moved from “good” to “great”, benefitting from our rapid set-up time, management, and onboarding - which improved operational efficiency and agent and customer satisfaction.

40% self-service rate from our chatbot alone: customers could help themselves and allow agents to work on more complex queries. 33% improvement in agent performance: having insight into agent performance facilitated conversations around plugging knowledge gaps. Being onboard our one-screen wonder, enabled agents to quickly get through their day, with less stress 81% CSAT: With Dixa Discover, our suite of analytics solutions, tink have benefitted from having visibility into their Quality Assurance, spot the gaps and problem areas, and improved their CSAT drastically.


"We’re super confident that our CS function now has the best technology and leadership to support business growth. In the next 2-3 years, we have international expansion efforts on the horizon, new vertical launches planned, and many service improvements (like subscriptions) that we need to implement.” - Dr Julian Hueck, Co-founder @ tink GmbH

“Thanks to Dixa, every agent we hired—either for a season or in a full-time role—was fully ramped up within a few weeks, and that’s very important for the business because seasonal agents are 30% more expensive.” - Roger Sandmeier, Customer Service Manager @ tink GmbH

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