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ChannelEngine connects brands and retailers to marketplaces and online sales channels worldwide.

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ChannelEngine makes global ecommerce accessible to its customers by empowering brands, retailers, and wholesalers to connect and optimally sell on marketplaces worldwide with its complete SaaS Marketplace Management Suite.

By integrating with multiple marketplaces and ecommerce platforms, retailers and brands can sell their products to millions of consumers worldwide, boosting online visibility and increasing revenue.

Our solution gives you complete control over your product listings, pricing, and sales strategy, ensuring you're selling your products in the right places at the right prices.

We help businesses streamline their operations by automating and simplifying the process of managing multiple listings, orders, and shipments.

Not only does our platform function as a control center for your business and chosen digital sales channels, but we also have a trusted partner network to support you on almost every aspect of your business.

With ChannelEngine customers enjoy higher profitability with less manual work, fewer development costs to access and integrate into new markets and regions, and better margins selling directly to consumers on multiple channels. With faster time to market, connecting and selling on hundreds of complex international marketplaces out-of-the-box has never been easier.

Distinction from the competition

ChannelEngine specializes in connecting and managing multiple sales channels efficiently. Its robust platform allows seamless integration with over 700+ marketplaces and other sales channels, making it easier for businesses to expand their reach across diverse platforms without complexities.

One of ChannelEngine's core functionalities involves the seamless synchronization of stock and price changes across all integrated platforms. This ensures that your product information remains consistent and up-to-date, regardless of the marketplace.

Our software also automates the generation of international invoices, adhering meticulously to European VAT rules. This feature streamlines cross-border transactions, ensuring compliance and accuracy in invoicing across different regions.

ChannelEngine offers advanced pricing rule capabilities, allowing you to define desired margins and efficiently manage stock from diverse suppliers. This flexibility empowers you to optimize pricing strategies and effectively control your product offerings across multiple channels.

Furthermore, ChannelEngine provides dynamic filters that enable precise control over your product listings. These filters encompass various criteria such as minimum stock levels, margins, pricing, and other customizable parameters, empowering you to fine-tune your listings to meet specific marketplace requirements.

ChannelEngine’s multilingual capabilities extend beyond mere translation services. It facilitates clear communication across diverse sales networks by adapting to different languages and ensuring effective communication with customers worldwide.

Finally, ChannelEngine facilitates the creation of digital product bundles, enabling strategic marketing of complementary products, bestsellers, or long shelf-life items. These bundles aim to boost revenue by offering attractive combinations that resonate with customers' preferences.

Product or service innovations

ChannelEngine now incorporates AI technology to create product bundle titles and descriptions in a matter of seconds.

Our product bundling functionality is the first feature within ChannelEngine's ecommerce management suite to incorporate the power of Generative AI. With the aid of large language models, our solution can promptly generate unique product Titles and Descriptions, helping you save valuable time while putting a creative touch into your messaging. This of course can be reflected in all the marketplaces you operate on, making it a powerful tool to boost your marketplace sales.

Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) Integration

Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) is a service offered by Amazon that allows sellers to fulfill orders from other sales channels using Amazon's fulfillment network. For example, if you list your products on Shopify or Macy's, you can use Amazon's Multi-Channel Fulfillment service to ship your products to the consumer.

When you expand on marketplaces with ChannelEngine, you can use MCF by choosing Amazon Supply Chain as the logistics provider. Our platform will export your shipment information and stock levels directly to Amazon while taking care of your other marketplace connections — this streamlines your entire supply chain and sales process, making it easier to track orders, returns, and more.

The powerful combination of ChannelEngine's multi-channel ecommerce software solution and Amazon's MCF service ensures that sellers like you have complete control over your entire sales process and supply chain operations. This leaves you with more flexibility to expand your business in new markets and on new marketplaces, ultimately improving revenue and bringing in more profits.

Customer case study

Expondo was founded by Waldermar Moss and Piotr Stach in 2007. They originally launched on eBay with just two brands and since then, their growth has been unstoppable. Every year they added more brands of professional tools and industrial equipment. Now they sell more than 7000 different products.

Before starting with ChannelEngine, Expondo was already selling on several marketplaces in Europe; eBay, Amazon and Allegro, as well as niche marketplaces for B2B customers.

However, they still had individual custom-built connections to each marketplace and had processes involving manual tasks; creating and updating products, managing uploaded content and prices, and putting together product bundles which took up a lot of time and required active maintenance.

So they searched for a solution that could improve processes, and make it easier and faster to sell on more marketplaces.

As well as meeting all the technical requirements, ChannelEngine’s personal approach was an important factor towards their decision. It was clear from the start that Expondo were treated as a business partner, and not just another client.

Since starting with ChannelEngine, Patrick noticed substantial gains." The automations have made a huge difference to productivity. In particular, the ChannelEngine smart rules have been a game-changer for us, because a lot of the content can be created without any manual effort."

The leap in productivity was measured by Patrick and his team and the results are impressive. "We save 14 hours each week on price updates, 5 hours a week on stock updates, and 45 hours a week on content creation and optimizations."

Since marketplace expansion is much simpler with ChannelEngine, Expondo is looking to pursue further overseas opportunities on the horizon.

"Our experience with ChannelEngine has shown they’re a partner we can rely on – so we’re not worried about the future – just excited about it, because we know we can achieve our goals together."

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