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Product or service description

Sellina is the first Open-SaaS e-commerce system on the market. It was created to solve the problem of finding the perfect system that combines only the best features of Open Sources and SaaSes. Sellina selects these features and combines them within a new Open-SaaS category.

Distinction from the competition

Sellina gives access to the software code as part of paying for the SaaS license. This means no Vendor-lock (Sellina development can be taken over by any other IT agency familiar with Magento and React). In addition, the base time to market takes a maximum of 4 weeks and comes with a warranty!

Product or service innovations

Sellina multi front-end - a solution on one back-end allows opening several different online stores, e.g., for different product categories or markets.

Case: The client sells from Poland to 16 foreign markets. Thanks to Sellina, he will use a multi front-end system solution, which sells from only one back-end connected to 16 frontends. Implementing each additional frontend costs only 20% of the price of Sellina basic implementation.

Customer case study

The eCommerce evolution of Burton's main distributor in Poland: Multi front-end having corporate website, online store and rental store on one back-end system:

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