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Online Media Net (OMN)

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Online Media Net (OMN) is not just a software suite; it's a transformative solution for enhancing customer experience in omnichannel commerce. At its heart, OMN tackles the critical challenge of disjointed customer interactions due to inconsistent product information across various channels. This inconsistency often leads to a fragmented customer experience, which OMN effectively resolves.

By centralizing and streamlining the management of product information and digital assets, OMN ensures that customers receive consistent, accurate, and up-to-date information, whether they are browsing a webshop, scrolling through social media, or visiting a marketplace. This consistency is key to building trust and satisfaction among customers.

Furthermore, OMN's integration of Artificial Intelligence for automated content enhancement enables personalized and contextual communication with customers. This personalization is crucial in today’s market where customers expect not just products, but experiences tailored to their needs and preferences.

Additionally, the flexibility and scalability of OMN allow businesses to adapt quickly to changing market trends and customer demands, ensuring that the customer experience remains dynamic and engaging. The rapid time-to-market feature of OMN means that businesses can keep their content fresh and relevant, further enhancing the customer experience.

In summary, OMN offers a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming to provide an exceptional and seamless customer experience across all channels. It’s not just about managing data; it’s about crafting a cohesive, engaging, and personalized journey for each customer.

Distinction from the competition

Online Media Net (OMN) uniquely enhances customer experience in omnichannel commerce, offering distinct benefits:

Centralized Data Management: OMN provides a unified platform for managing product information and digital assets across all channels, ensuring consistency in customer communication.

AI-Powered Content Enhancement: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, OMN automates personalized content creation, aligning with individual customer preferences, crucial in today’s market.

Seamless System Integration: OMN integrates smoothly with existing architectures, facilitating a smooth transition and continuous customer experience improvement.

Flexible Marketing Processes: With a Camunda-based workflow engine, OMN offers flexibility in marketing, allowing businesses to rapidly respond to market changes and customer needs.

Rapid Time-to-Market: OMN significantly reduces time-to-market, ensuring customers have access to the latest product information, enhancing satisfaction.

Multi-Channel Capability: OMN stands out in facilitating a consistent and personalized experience across various channels, including webshops, marketplaces, social media, and print.

OMN goes beyond efficient data management; it transforms it into an opportunity for customer engagement and satisfaction, differentiating itself as a solution that addresses the needs of modern commerce.

Product or service innovations

Over the past year, Online Media Net (OMN) has introduced significant innovations to enhance its capabilities:

Advanced AI Integrations: Enhanced content creation and translation capabilities through more sophisticated AI algorithms.

Connectivity Enhancements: New connection options, including the Adobe Express Connector and CI Hub Drive, have been added.

UI Improvements: The user interface for the Import-Export module has been improved for better end-user experience.

New Features: Introduction of an enhanced Annotation Tool, Articlebriefing for image roll management, and support for new file formats and Video XMP.

Technical Updates: Upgrades in Java, Angular, and API/Authentication to boost performance and user-friendliness.

These developments reflect OMN's commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancement in omnichannel commerce, continuously improving the user experience and operational efficiency.

Customer case study

The Popken Fashion Group, established in 1880 as a small textile house, has evolved into a global fashion specialist and provider of high-quality plus-size fashion. Comprising strong brands such as Ulla Popken, Laurasøn, the young fashion label Studio Untold, and the men's label JP1880, the group is a prominent player in the fashion industry. Utilizing Online Media Net (OMN), the Popken Fashion Group significantly enhanced their product experience management, achieving remarkable improvements in content creation, localization, and AI-supported image processing. This led to substantial gains in average cart size, conversion rates, content quality, and operational efficiency, showcasing OMN's transformative impact in modern fashion commerce.



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