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Aqurate Personalize

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Product or service description

Aqurate Personalize is an AI-driven tool that helps eCommerce shops get the most out of each website visitor, boosting conversions, AOV, and customer retention through personalized product recommendations. Aqurate delivers highly targeted product recommendations to each website visitor, based on their previous interactions with the shop.

Aqurate provides several types of product recommendations that can be accessed after the eCommerce shop is integrated: cross-sell, up-sell, similar, substitutes, recommended for you, new in store, popular now, and more. Clients can choose what specific pages to display them on, to increase their marketing KPIs.

Distinction from the competition

Aqurate's personalized product recommendations can be displayed on various pages of the website (homepage, category page, product detail page, cart), app, or sent by email and Whatsapp. It automatically displays recommendations even for newly added product items and does not suggest out-of-stock products.

Using Aqurate Personalize the online shops can also send these personalized product recommendations through email, allowing them to provide truly personal content for each email recipient.

The extra revenue, along with other key performance indicators (KPIs), generated by Aqurate, can be easily monitored through the intuitive Dashboard in the app, enabling companies to closely track Aqurate's performance.

The foundation of Aqurate's product recommendations lies in its high-performance AI model:

  • Daily model training - to catch purchasing trends
  • Own tracking pixel - for relevant recommendations
  • Over 99.5% product coverage - to make the most out of each visitor

Aqurate Personalize is integrated with various eCommerce platforms and tools, like Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, ActiveCampaign, but can also be linked to custom shops, via API technology.

Unlike other product recommendation solutions, at Aqurate we made it our mission to provide:

  • Product recommendations based 100% on customer preferences and behavior (no manual data entry)
  • Easy multichannel personalization (web, app, email)
  • Ultra-fast load time through native delivery (no JS injection)
  • Easy implementation (up and running in as little as 24 hours)
  • Stellar support and assisted onboarding
Product or service innovations

Aqurate has been continuously enhancing its product recommendation capabilities. In the past 12 months, we have rolled out a comprehensive update featuring 11 new endpoints for product recommendations. Here are some examples:

  • The "Recommended for you" widget tailors product recommendations to each user's unique tastes and interests, displaying the most relevant product recommendations for a specific user, based on his purchase history. This leads to a higher conversion rate and increases the CLV.
  • The "Frequently bought together" is a cross-sell widget that introduces customers to complementary products, showing the most relevant product recommendations for a specific product. This helps increase the AOV.
  • The "Alternative products" widget suggests items that can serve as substitutes or variations of the product being viewed, improving the Conversion Rate.
  • The "Upsell to" widget encourages customers to consider purchasing a higher-priced or more feature-rich product, leading to an increase in the average order value These endpoints cover a wide range of customer touchpoints, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience across website, app, email and Whatsapp.

Recognizing the importance of accurate data tracking for personalized recommendations, Aqurate has introduced its proprietary tracking pixel which goes beyond conventional tracking methods, offering more granular insights into user interactions and behaviors. The pixel is designed to be lightweight, ensuring minimal impact on website or app performance while maximizing the precision of data collected. This advanced tracking pixel empowers Aqurate's recommendation engine to deliver highly accurate suggestions. Also, the new tracking pixel measures the success and impact of the product recommendations, this way the companies are able to keep a close eye on Aqurate's performance.

Customer case study

TheHome - Furniture online store, selling over 100.000 products

The objectives:

TheHome decided to stay ahead of competitors by implementing AI-driven personalization tools. The company's primary objective was to increase the average value of orders placed, as the increasing CAC made it imperative to maximize the return extracted from each customer. As a solution, The Home decided to use the Aqurate Personalize advanced product recommendations, based on AI.

How it works:

The solution is contingent on analyzing and interpreting large volumes of customer behavior data (buying, clicking, adding to cart, etc.). It compares similar actions of different potential customers and anticipates what could pose an interest for a particular user. The most relevant items for users are visible on TheHome website through two native widgets, one showcasing substitute products and the other widget showing bundled items for better cross-sell results. Once the personalized recommendations are computed, the items are sent via API to be displayed in the widgets. They also reach customers through other channels like email and pop-ups.

The results:

Comparing the four months following the implementation to the previous period, TheHome experienced a significant 16% increase in its Average Order Value. This growth indicated the positive impact of personalized recommendations on customers' purchasing decisions. Furthermore, the sessions influenced by personalized recommendations exhibited a 5X improvement in the Conversion Rate. This finding underscored the efficacy of AI-driven recommendations in guiding users toward making purchases.


“By using the Aqurate Personalize recommendations we've seen a significant increase in our average order value, highlighting the substantial contribution to our overall revenue and the added value to our customer's shopping journey.”

  • Cristina Constantinescu, Marketing Manager at The Home

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