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ACI Payments Orchestration Platform

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The retail industry has gone through tremendous changes in the past few years. Consumer are spoilt for choice as hundreds of new APMs emerged and consumers preferences for them varies by regions, demographics and other factors. How do merchants keep up with the fast-paced changes while keeping the costs low? Its critical for merchants to deliver convenience and choice that meet the demands of consumers and to do this, merchants must be able to effectively track customer journeys and respond to their preferences accordingly. This means unifying data, orchestrating, and optimising payments – and being able to truly integrate multi-channel services.

ACI offers a True Payments Orchestration platform to optimise conversions, enable growth and reduce cost of ownership in payments. It delivers agnostic and flexible connectivity to modern front-end journeys (In-Store, digital, mobile, IOT, Pay by Link), 1000+ Acquirers, 300+ APMs and global wallets, 150+ BNPL providers, emerging partnerships and technology providers. It has built in Fraud management that helps merchants to be in control of their payments and increase conversions.

ACI Payments Orchestration platform supports multi-acquiring that ensures acquirer independence and enable faster international expansion. ACI is agnostic to all aspects of the payment ecosystem – offers aggregated solutions to reach the broadest range of BNPL, wallets, acquirers in the market with innovations such as ACI Wallet Hub, ACI PayAfter (BNPL) &, ACI Instant Pay and Revenue Optimizer.

It is a dedicated merchant payments technology platform – as opposed to a bank or acquiring focused business that offers a gateway. Merchants can control and enhance the customer journey in line with their payment strategy.

We have proven success for global Tier 1 merchants such as IKEA, Co-op, Auchan Retail, Decathlon, John Lewis, Boots, Screwfix, Telefonica, Mango, GAP, Aldi, ICABanken, CTS Eventim, SNCF, Aegean Airlines.

Distinction from the competition

ACI focuses on 3 core areas when developing and enhancing the payment orchestration platform that enable merchants to optimise conversion, deliver growth and reduce cost of ownership in creating market leading payment strategies.

  1. The ability to deliver all possible payment channels, functionality, APMs and customer journeys through sophisticated customer centric payment widgets – both instore and online

  2. Conversion focused payment orchestration and configuration in a secure control centre interface with simple code and flexible payment flows.

  3. Connectivity to all payment types and emerging APMs to ensure highest conversion and cost-effective payment acceptance.

  • Enhanced payment acceptance innovation such as emerging and digital payments, instore and online such as ACI Instant Pay, ACI wallet Hub, ACI Payafter, delivered through a single API.
  • The ACIs Tokenisation strategy aligns to the evolution of payment tokens (network, scheme, device, merchant) and how optimisation of tokens is embedded into customer payment experiences and marketing and loyalty program optimization.
  • ACI Payments Orchestration platform provides full flexibility, independence and faster access to international markets with its multi-acquiring capabilities.
  • In built, AI based, multilayered fraud protection which is a huge investment in terms of time, costs and technology to secure and safeguard end-to-end payment journeys.
  • End-to-end reconciliation capabilities through Revenue optimiser which provides merchants complete visibility and transparency into their payments ecosystem and spot any revenue leakages.
  • ACIs proven technology is built upon solid, agile and scalable principles that leverages a vast experience of serving a variety of verticals through one platform – be it grocery, retail, fashion, travel, hospitality or gaming. We serve 80,000+ global customers directly and through PSPs.
Product or service innovations

Innovation at its best.

ACI is investing heavily in the innovation roadmap and supports hundreds of alternate payment methods (instore and online) and enabling new channels for customer engagement. Following are some of the latest innovations added to it:

  • ACI wallet Hub: ACI Wallet Hub is a solution that allows easy access to 300+ wallets around the world (in over 70+ countries) through a single integration into the ACI Payment API.
  • ACI Instant Pay: A real-time checkout solution that enable customers to pay directly via their bank accounts in real-time. Since the settlement is also done in real-time, it provides merchants a faster access to their money (instant Liquidity), low fraud and chargebacks and provide faster checkout experience. It can also be enabled for Instore via the QR technology.
  • Revenue Optimiser: It empowers merchants to consolidate and automate back-office functions to track, manage and account for money end to end, all while optimizing the financial health of the business by detecting and fixing revenue leakage, mitigating payment incidents and ensuring audit readiness. It helps merchants to perform multi-way reconciliation across billing and ACI payments orchestration platform data, acquirers’ settlement files, bank statements and more.
  • QR Code Payments ACI is enabling this age-old technology in new ways to connect and let consumers pay touch-free and hassle-free. We support various use cases such as pay at the table for QSRs, curbside pickups or home deliveries and payments using QR codes. Paybylink functionality is also enabled through QR.

View use cases here:

QR Code Payments for QSR Drive-Through:

QR code payments at the table:

Customer case study

ACI payments Orchestration platform with its array of in-store and online solutions is serving more than 80,000+ merchants worldwide across verticals.

Exemplary Case studies:

ACI is helping “Auchan Retail”, a major French retailer in keeping their payments fresh and innovative. ACI is processing their digital payments and proving other innovative solutions such as “AuchanGo” an industry-leading, automated store concept — the first one in Lille, France.

With ACI, we also get a strategic relationship that adds value to our business by helping us solve payment challenges, creating revenue opportunities, and ensuring we’re ready to champion change.” Xavier Foure Head of Payments Auchan Retail, Link:

Co-op: Our relationship with ACI is a strategic one. We know that with the secure and scalable payments that ACI provides through their platform, I can sleep at night - Paul Fletcher, Payments Head Co-op

John Lewis: To enable growth and scalability, John Lewis selected ACI Payments Orchestration platform's Fraud capabilities to equip its business with a robust technology that dynamically detects, decides and delivers faster and smarter fraud prevention strategies. Machine learning and digital ID verification and authentication were important capabilities for the retailer.

A key differentiator recognised by the retailer is the platform stability, scalability to handle peaks. In addition to global consortium data, the team with sector-specific expertise supported them in anticipating and responding quickly to threats by fine-tuning fraud strategies.

The ACI payments optimization team supports our appetite to constantly improve acceptance rates, without exposing the partnership to additional risk or fraud. "With the ACI solution, we can confidently accept our genuine customers, whether they have been shopping with us for years or are visiting first time" - Katy Coull Payment Fraud Manager, John Lewis Partnership.

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