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Positioned as "AWS of platform businesses," Berlin-based, randevu.tech enables developers to build a robust backend for their digital platforms.

It offers a groundbreaking tech solution engineered to solve the tech challenges of building and scaling bespoke digital platforms and online marketplaces. Our tech provides a strong foundational infrastructure that allows companies to build, operate, and scale their platforms. What sets randevu.tech apart is its flexibility, extensibility, and scalability, making it an ideal choice for companies building even the most complex B2B, B2C, and P2P marketplaces and solutions including:

  1. Procurement Digital Platform
  2. N-sided circular economy marketplace
  3. B2B sustainability digital platform
  4. Custom B2B e-commerce solution
  5. B2B RFQ digital platforms (auctions, reverse auctions etc).

Our headless and API based innovative tech is designed to systematically address three critical problems:

  1. Technological Challenges: Randevu tackles the intricate technological problems associated with building a marketplace, offering a robust solution for all stages of its life cycle

  2. Scalability and Adaptability: As your marketplace grows, randevu seamlessly adapts its technology to evolving business needs, ensuring efficient scaling without compromising on flexibility.

  3. Time and cost: By significantly reducing the time it takes to build and launch a marketplace, randevu empowers businesses to enter the digital marketplace swiftly, gaining a competitive edge and reducing their total cost of ownership.

Distinction from the competition

randevu offers a set of distinctive benefits that set it apart in the competitive landscape. What makes our product unique is our approach to technology development, positioning us as a groundbreaking solution in the market. Unlike numerous white-box or one-size-fits-all solutions and incumbent tech companies with a decade-old infrastructure that demands substantial upfront investment and proves challenging to scale, randevu stands out by providing a modern and efficient alternative.

Our uniqueness and innovation is in the built-in process engine that enables connecting ready-made building blocks with much more flexibility than the competitors.

Furthermore, randevu distinguishes itself from whitelabel and no-code solutions that often cater to a limited number of use cases. Instead, our infrastructure technology is designed to be versatile and adaptable, empowering businesses to construct even the most complex marketplaces. This flexibility positions randevu as a comprehensive solution, catering to a broad spectrum of marketplace needs without compromising on scalability or functionality.

In summary, randevu's unique value proposition lies in its cost-effective approach, ready-made building blocks, and the ability to cater to a diverse range of marketplace and digital platform complexities, setting it apart from both incumbent tech companies and limited-use whitelabel solutions.

Product or service innovations

In the past 12 months, our primary focus at randevu has been on advancing our platform through a key innovation: the development and enhancement of our proprietary workflow engine. This core innovation adds a layer of maximum flexibility to our platform, providing dedicated workflow engines for each essential building block, such as marketplace sides and supplies (products, services).

The innovation of having distinct workflow engines for various elements allows for unparalleled customization. For instance, businesses can implement a tailored onboarding flow for a specific side of their marketplace or establish a custom approval process for supplies. This means that every time a supply is uploaded, a comprehensive check can be conducted, additional details can be requested if necessary, and final approval can be seamlessly granted.

Customer case study

Toolplace, a B2B marketplace revolutionizing the toolmaking and plastic moulding industry, faced significant tech challenges in building a scalable solution. Initial attempts with white-label options and outsourcing agencies proved costly, requiring a budget exceeding €200,000 and a development timeline of 6-8 months.

Discovering randevu.tech, Toolplace was intrigued by the promise of slashing time to market and total cost of ownership by 2-3 times. Running a Proof of Concept showed that randevu.tech’s infrastructure could deliver nearly 70% of the required functionalities within just 2 weeks. Impressed, Toolplace opted for a long-term partnership.

In less than two months after signing the deal, Toolplace went live with its customized frontend, efficiently onboarding customers. Today, Toolplace thrives as a hub for top-tier mould makers from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

Toolplace, empowered by randevu.tech, has become a pivotal solution in the toolmaking and plastic moulding industry. Its impact is evident in the growing number of vendors and customers relying on Toolplace to scale operations, streamline procurement, and overcome industry challenges. The platform's evolution is ongoing, with continuous improvements and new features seamlessly integrated, showcasing the flexibility and extensibility of randevu.tech.

Founder and CEO of Toolplace GmbH Christian Götze says:

“After a long evaluation process, we decided to partner with randevu to build our solution instead of hiring a software house. As a result, we went to the market 4 months faster and with around 60% less budget. This enabled us to repurpose our resources for business development. When you consider building a marketplace – think of time to market, investment and flexibility!”

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