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Modular Personalisation Platform for E-commerce - Search, Recommendations, Email Personalisation, Customer Segmentation

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Product or service description, established in 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark, is an all-in-one platform that improves the performance and profitability of online stores while saving operations time and driving growth for e-commerce businesses.

Utilizing our proprietary advanced artificial intelligence - ClerkCore™, we aim to maintain relevance throughout the customer journey in a webshop. Our focus involves addressing the challenges posed by time-consuming manual tasks within e-commerce through process automation.

This approach enhances various metrics such as conversion rates, basket sizes, and order values while also reducing bounce rates. Our primary goal revolves around streamlining operations and facilitating growth, all while ensuring a seamless customer experience.


Search: Tailored for e-commerce, providing specialized search functions to optimize product discovery. Recommendations: Personalized suggestions based on individual preferences, enhancing product visibility. Email: Automated campaigns with embeddable recommendations, streamlining targeted marketing efforts. Audience: A Customer Data Platform with robust segmentation capabilities, facilitating precise customer targeting.

Technical Aspect:'s platform seamlessly integrates with any available system through API or integration options. This flexibility ensures easy incorporation into diverse e-commerce environments, enabling smooth operation alongside existing systems.

Distinction from the competition

• Our unique solutions help you personalize the customer journey • Save time while making it easier to achieve your internal business goals • Clerkcore: no learning period, accurate predictions, optimization by seasonality & trends, scalable • Cookieless: Clerk offers a cookie-free solution without limitations to customers' personalized online experience • Merchandising: You can fully customize each logic to suit your campaigns and business goals • Very high level of automation that requires no work once it has been successfully set up. • No learning period- the platform will instantly understand your customer behavior, and as new products are added, they will be instantly available in search, recommendations, and emails with no wait time • Give your customers the products they want to see when they want to see it

Product or service innovations

Introducing "Omnisearch," our new search engine. It integrates the live search and search results page features from into a unified interface - including “Search as you type”, all facets,typo tolerances, etc. Additionally, Omnisearch boasts enhanced speed compared to previous versions, facilitating quicker search processes.

By combining live search and a comprehensive results page, Omnisearch offers users a consolidated search experience, incorporating functionalities from both modules.

Customer case study

Soccerfanshop's Success with Clerk's Tools Introduction: Soccerfanshop, founded in Breda, the Netherlands, has expanded vastly over 30 years. Their struggle with displaying related products for cross-selling led to Clerk’s integration. Pre-Clerk, manual curation hindered user experience. Their goal was to boost sales through intuitive displays.

Challenges Faced: Prior to Clerk, Soccerfanshop grappled with efficient cross-selling. Manual curation consumed time, hindering user experience and showcasing irrelevant items. The aim was to enhance sales through better product displays.

Clerk's Tailored Solutions: Clerk automated personalized solutions for Soccerfanshop. Their advanced search surpassed standard webshop bars, ensuring precise displays tailored to individual preferences. This approach led to a 14% revenue increase, 19% larger baskets, and a 15% spike in average order value.

Search Functionality Enhancement: Clerk’s Search rectified spelling errors and guided customers accurately. Soccerfanshop inputted top 100 spelling variations, contributing significantly to an increased conversion rate.

Leveraging Recommendations: Soccerfanshop utilized Clerk’s recommendation tool for personalized suggestions, fostering loyalty and driving conversion rates.

Conclusion: The partnership between Soccerfanshop and Clerk yielded remarkable results, with a total of 14% conversion rate increase, as emphasized by Fabian Matthee, Soccerfanshop's Project Manager.

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