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eCommerce Technologie und Managed Service spezialisiert auf Amazon

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Amerge's Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) integration solution addresses a critical challenge faced by marketers and e-commerce experts: the need for a unified and streamlined approach to managing Amazon campaigns. The integration seamlessly organizes campaign management by introducing customizable groupings, allowing businesses to tailor campaigns based on specific objectives and target audiences. This addresses the inherent complexity of navigating Amazon's diverse advertising landscape, providing a cohesive platform for more efficient campaign oversight.

The AMC integration solution solves the problem of limited attribution models within Amazon marketing. It introduces advanced attribution models, including linear multi-touch and first-touch attribution, offering a more nuanced understanding of the customer's journey. This innovation goes beyond the constraints of traditional last-touch attribution prevalent on Amazon, empowering businesses with a comprehensive view of each touch point that contributes to a conversion. By breaking down the path to conversion, the AMC provides granular insights into customer behavior, enabling marketers to optimize strategies by tailoring campaigns to specific touch points that resonate most with their audience.

In essence, Amerge's AMC integration simplifies Amazon's marketing complexities, offering marketers and e-commerce experts a powerful and customizable tool to enhance campaign management, attribution accuracy, and customer journey analysis. By providing a unified and data-driven approach, the AMC integration solution enables businesses to make informed decisions, refine their strategies, and achieve greater success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Distinction from the competition

The Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) offers an exciting opportunity to innovate and dive deep on behalf of our clients. It allows us to access “Log Level Data”. Log Level data in simple terms means you can see any action a customer has taken after interacting with an ad placement in an anonymized GDPR-compliant way.

We then build a data visualization layer on top of this data so we can clearly showcase to our clients their customers' path to conversion and optimize their strategies accordingly.

Amerge is an AMC accelerated development partner with Amazon Ads. This provided additional code accelerators and hands-on training, so we could create new market-leading solutions and improve our infrastructure and workflow. Not only do we build customized queries and reports, but we also integrate them into our proprietary tech dashboard – Amerge View.

Product or service innovations

Amerge's latest innovation, the Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) integration, introduces a suite of features that elevate the precision and effectiveness of Amazon marketing strategies.

One notable feature is the ability for custom grouping of campaigns, allowing businesses to organize and tailor their campaigns based on unique objectives and target audiences.

The inclusion of linear multi-touch attribution is a game-changer, providing a holistic view of the buyer journey by assigning credit to each touchpoint that contributes to a conversion. This goes beyond traditional last-touch attribution, offering a more comprehensive understanding of the customer's path to purchase.

First touch attribution is another distinctive feature, ensuring that the initial interaction with a customer receives full sales credit, a departure from Amazon's reporting on last touch only. Amerge recognizes the importance of breaking down the path to conversion, and AMC facilitates this by providing detailed insights into the customer journey. This feature allows businesses to analyze and understand each step a customer takes before making a purchase, enabling them to tailor their strategies accordingly. Moreover, the capability to calculate multi-touch attribution on a campaign group level adds another layer of sophistication. AMC empowers businesses not only to evaluate individual touchpoints but also to assess the collective impact of entire campaign groups on conversions, providing a nuanced and data-driven approach to campaign optimization.

In essence, Amerge's latest product innovations, particularly the custom grouping of campaigns, linear and first touch attributions, and the granular analysis of the path to conversion, demonstrate a commitment to providing businesses with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of Amazon marketing and achieve success in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Customer case study

In order to grow their subscription products like Creative Cloud, Adobe needed to utilize Amazon DSP to reach net new to Adobe customers. They wanted to understand the full impact of Amazon Ads on their business as well as Amazon retail while optimizing their ad strategy towards efficiency.

The Adobe Audience Manager has been integrated to run DSP display ads excluding subscribers and to identify new audiences. A dashboard has been created that integrated ads data, vendor central data, AMC and rebate data to calculate Total ROAS on ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) level based on cost priced including granted rebates.

The Adobe Audience Manager DSP integration allowed Adobe to not just use Amazon targetings but Adobe’s full customer base for (de)targeting. Reporting-wise, standard Amazon Ads KPIs like ROAS are not taking into consideration organic retail sales and the metrics are based on retail priced excluding granted rebates by the vendor.

Adobe is ensuring the incrementality of the Amazon DSP activity and can easily understand through a web-based dashboard the impact and profitability of their advertising. Strategically, the AMC integration enables them to optimize not just the ad channel but the full customer journey.

The results:

  • 14% increase in new subscribers across EMEA

  • CPM decreased by 55% YoY (2.39 vs. 5.41)

  • 23% YoY growth across all subscription-based products

“We have been working with Amerge in EMEA since late 2022 and they have demonstrated great campaign management skills in both Sponsored Ads and DSP while delivering meaningful insights via Amazon Marketing Cloud, which is why we have extended the partnership to cover North America as well. We also appreciate Amerge’s flexibility to create a custom dashboard for us.”

Peter Röser, Head of NA and EMEA Retail Sales & Marketing at Adobe

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