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AX Semantics offers the world's only scalable copywriting solution that allows e-commerce companies to leverage AI while controlling quality. This enables companies to create epic quality product descriptions for all their products and keep them up to date.

Content teams get the writing environment they need to combine human authoring, GPT, DeepL, and API workflows in a single platform to automate text production and deliver high-quality text for all products and all languages and keep it up-to-date, while saving translation costs.

Writing product copy manually, or with the help of GPT, results in outdated copy, inadequate content, non-unique, non-impactful and incomplete coverage of the product range. Writing teams are frustrated because they can't shake the feeling that they can't do the job. International e-commerce companies struggle with really high translation costs and translation quality. Thanks to data2text's technology, which integrates machine learning for writing and translation, writing teams are able to create thousands of product descriptions and keep them up to date at the touch of a button.

Distinction from the competition

AX Semantics is the world's only scalable text solution that lets you leverage AI AND control quality.

Integrated GPT and DeepL in the pre production The only reliable text automation solution that integrates GPT and DeepL to reduce the amount of work required to control ML-generated drafts. It enables complete control over text output, guarantees brand tonality and style consistency for consistent quality. Content creators can surgically apply GPT to specific phrases and sentences in order to create more variety for the reader. Because the writer is vending every change there is no risk of publishing flying output and there is no need to edit again before final delivery. This is what writers and enterprises have been asking for all along. It is a huge productivity multiplier.

Autonomous updating and instant text As the technical base is data2text automation it enables companies to update their product texts with just a few clicks or even autonomous and instant texts for new products. All this is possible for more than 110 languages.

One writing hub for creating, editing, translating, approving at scale AX Semantics bundles the entire content workflow and production process into a single tool, making it easy to integrate into your system landscape. This allows content teams to create, translate, update and approve text in just one environment made for a scalable text production, which results in higher efficiency and precise text output.

Experienced team with high ecommerce industry and text expertise We offer the most experienced team for all phases from implementation to consulting and support in the transformation of your content business processes. We have more than 20 years of experience in the e-commerce industry and know all about the requirements of text and editorial processes.

Product or service innovations

Our latest innovations were the integration of GPT and the creation of revolutionary translation functions that reduce the effort required to provide multilingual product texts by 95%.

The integration of GPT: The integration of GPT into AX Semantics is where creative input helps to create faster and more variant-rich formulations. Every sentence, every phrase is approved by the author before the text is produced. This ensures that the text only contains what it is supposed to contain. The integration of GPT in this way is unique.

Translation Packages - a revolution in translation work: The "Translation Packages" from AX Semantics differ from existing solutions in three key innovations: (a) Combining data-to-text and machine translation: Traditional methods rely on the text being generated first and then machine translated. Our solution, on the other hand, integrates machine translation directly into the process of "text configuration", i.e. text conception. This combination of data-to-text and machine translation not only enables multilingual content to be generated as quickly as possible, but also the autonomous, automated creation and maintenance of content on product detail pages. b) Integration of machine translation into the user workflow: AX Semantics has integrated machine translation into a user workflow that translators are familiar with from translation management systems (TMS) and computer-aided translation tools (CAT). Translators therefore do not need any special tool expertise to translate in such a way that texts can be automated. c) Cross-Language Configuration Transfer: A core element of AX Semantics is cross-language configuration transfer. During translation, not only the content but also the necessary grammatical setup is transferred from one language to the grammar of the other language. This is done using an algorithm developed by us. This only requires a single human moderation.

Customer case study

SkatePro faced the challenge of manually creating thousands of high-quality product descriptions in 17 languages. Which lead to the result that there have been critical translation mistakes, so that the management board was looking for another reliable solution.

Their goals have been: Generate high-quality product descriptions in 17 languages for all products Increase the speed of product description creation and thereby significantly shorten the time-to-market for a product Positively impact customer service Increase the number of conversions

The results: Using AX Semantics' data2text automation software they were able to produce around 71,400 product descriptions for 60 product categories in 17 languages . A noteworthy fact is that the company has managed to increase the content automation of the product range from 16% to 55% in only 3.5 months. After using automated content, several positive effects have happened:

It significantly reduced the time-to-market in the respective languages. The organic traffic and Google ranking have increased due to content automation, among other things.

Long-term savings of manual translation costs for generating product descriptions. Improved accuracy of content reduces the amount of pre-sales product support.

The number of keywords with top rankings has significantly increased in the last year, with a visible jump. It suggests that content automation is doing its part, alongside other SEO activities, and COVID-19 has boosted online commerce.

“I keep saying that there is AX Semantics on the top that helps us a lot followed by google sheets.” Tudor Teodorescu, former Lead Project Coordinator, SkatePro ApS

“We already save around 60% of our content creation effort by using AX, with a more than realistic chance to reach our mid-term goal of a 95% reduction in workload. With the translation features we will have the leverage to go for 80-95% for translation as well.“Joep Stokman Product Manager from Zeeman textielSupers.

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