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Immersive 3D Adventure Configurator

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Product or service description

There’s no online experience more sensual and immersive than virtual commerce. Online shopping, after all, is an emotional process – and decisions are made more quickly the more attractive the sensory experience is. It can be challenging to stand out from the crowd and gain an edge over the competition since more and more providers are selling online. User-friendliness is also one of the most important factors in SEO and e-commerce this should always be kept in mind. The Immersive 3D Adventure Configurator, a collaboration between rooom and Shopware, is a revolutionary answer to the challenges of customers that cannot fully imagine how their product will look and function at the end. Our solution addresses exactly this challenge by offering an unprecedented, immersive shopping experience that goes far beyond traditional online shopping. Shopware and rooom share a strong focus on digital innovation and user experience, with Shopware specializing in e-commerce solutions and rooom in 3D, AR and VR technologies. While Shopware provides online retailers with powerful e-commerce platforms, rooom brings immersive experiences in areas such as virtual events, product presentations and interactive 3D models. By combining interactive product configuration, virtual test rides and innovative gamification elements, our tool allows customers to personalize their dream bike. A unique feature of our configurator is the opportunity for customers to experience their customized bike in dynamic and realistic environments. This not only promotes unparalleled imagination, but also strengthens confidence in the purchase decision. By incorporating gamification elements, we make the configuration process not only more entertaining, but also more interactive, deepening the customer's bond with their self-designed product. The precise visualization and virtual testing of the bike before purchase contribute significantly to minimizing the likelihood of bad purchases and associated returns.

Distinction from the competition

3D product views arouse enthusiasm, increase interaction and the time spent on a web page. Users can intuitively learn about the product and brand - online shopping becomes a new, interactive, and exciting experience with 3D and AR content. The 3D configurator is developed by rooom and seamlessly integrates into the Shopware shopfront. It allows customers to configure and virtually try out any kind of product, e.g. a bicycle. It’s not only the configuration of the dream bike that is made possible with our solution – it’s the immersion in dynamic and realistic virtual environments with which the personalized products can be tested directly and a customer experience can be created through gamification elements that mere 2D configurators cannot offer. This in-depth personalization option, which goes far beyond the standard options, allows customers to create a product that is perfectly tailored to their individual wishes and needs. This not only improves customer satisfaction, but also leads to stronger customer loyalty and faster, more confident decision-making. Not only do we provide a solution to the problem of visualization and personalization, but we also create an immersive, branded experience that paves the way for the e-commerce of the future. But what makes rooom and Shopware stand out? This immersive experience allows customers to get a much more accurate idea of how their bike will perform and look in different environments. The integration of gamification elements sets our configurator apart from traditional online shopping experiences. These elements not only make the configuration process more entertaining, but also encourage a deeper emotional connection between customers and their customized product, which increases purchase intent. In summary, our solution offers a unique combination of personalization, immersion and interactive shopping experience that enables customers to build a stronger connection to their product.

Product or service innovations

Our software is in a continuous state of development and upgrade. Together with Shopware we developed the rooom 3D product viewer Plugin enables rooom 3D models to be integrated into the shopware shopfront via its ID. This makes the integration of 3D models in online shops as easy as embedding a YouTube link, as no programming knowledge is required. In addition, virtual showrooms can be created from these already produced 3D models, which can either support the 2D store or replace it for a holistic experience. In addition, AI has been a major focus over the last 12 months, leading to the development of our rooomAssistant. This AI assistant can be used for versatile applications such as shopping experiences. What clearly distinguishes an online store from a store in real life is the personal contact with store assistants. Thanks to a virtual assistant and the work of rooom and shopware, these can now also be brought into the virtual world. Here they can not only answer frequently asked questions, but also help customers navigate in a large online store. For example, if a customer is looking for mountain bikes for certain requirements and needs, the AI assistance can guide the customer directly to the right place in the store. This makes it possible to provide comprehensive advice even in the virtual world and at any time and any place - regardless of opening hours.

Customer case study

Shopware's client, a german manufacturer of mountain bikes, faced challenges in showcasing customizable mountain bikes online, with customers struggling to visualize the final product in a realistic environment, leading to purchase hesitations and high returns. To enhance their online shopping experience, the mountain bike manufacturer implemented the Immersive 3D Adventure Configurator, developed by rooom and Shopware, that enables customers to customize their mountain bike in a 3D virtual environment, offering realistic views in various simulated terrains.

Key Features:

  • Interactive selection and visualization of components and color schemes.
  • Virtual test rides in different environments like mountains and urban landscapes.
  • Integration of challenges and rewards to boost engagement and enjoyment.
  • High-quality, realistic 3D renderings for a true-to-life bike view that can be for example can be used to place the bike via AR next to you or your child to get a precise imagination of the right bike size.

Expected Results:

  • Increased customer confidence in purchase decisions due to virtual test rides, which in turn leads to more turnover in online sales.
  • Decrease in return rates thanks to precise customization options.
  • Enhanced user interaction and time spent on the website through gamification.
  • High customer satisfaction with the complete customization and visual experience.

Testimonials to rooom’s 3D technology:

  • Dr. Ludger Vogt, CEO of Smart Commerce: "Our collaboration with rooom is generating new e-commerce opportunities globally."
  • Marketing Homematic IP: "Interactive 3D products provide a user-centric experience and reflect our innovative image."
  • Lars Sill, Webshop Administrator at PUKY: "I am impressed by rooom's price-performance ratio and the ability to create 3D models from simple product images."
  • Martha Drayer, Sales & Marketing at plating electronic GmbH: "rooom's 3D platform enabled a quantum leap in our marketing efforts."

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