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Full Service Payment Provider

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Novalnet stands at the forefront of revolutionizing the payment industry as a trailblazing Full-Service Payment Provider. We transcend traditional norms by seamlessly converging payment and technology, offering an unparalleled end-to-end solution for online businesses. Our 'all-in-one' approach empowers both B2B and B2C customers, providing a competitive edge for global expansion and scalability. Novalnet serves as a comprehensive partner, addressing all payment-related needs and delivering value-added services from checkout to debt collection.

Within our ecosystem, a myriad of fully automated services resides under one roof, eliminating the need for multiple contracts with various entities such as banks, acquirers, billing firms, fraud prevention agencies, and debt collection agencies. Novalnet's SaaS payment engine, meticulously designed to cover the entire payment value chain, boasts an extensive array of features, including support for 200+ payment types, cutting-edge risk management, real-time invoicing, coupon/voucher integration, dunning & debt collection, subscription & member management, transaction monitoring & reporting, debtor management, and affiliate/marketplace oversight.

As pioneers in payment services, we lead the charge in expanding global reach, ensuring maximum acceptance, and driving higher conversion rates for our valued customers. Our commitment to innovation is deeply ingrained in the values that define us — usability, simplicity, security, scalability, and flexibility. Novalnet's relentless focus on innovation propels us to deliver robust and up-to-date payment technologies, ensuring that our 13,000 customers spanning three continents have access to the most reliable and advanced payment partner.

Our dedication to creating innovative payment opportunities sets us apart, making us the trusted choice for businesses seeking not just a payment solution but a strategic partner in their journey towards success.

Distinction from the competition

A single integration and contract that seamlessly caters to every facet of the payment ecosystem, from checkout to debt collection. Our PCI-DSS Level 1 certified proprietary platform is meticulously designed to meet the diverse and intricate needs of clients, spanning SMEs to Enterprise merchants.

  1. Unified Global Connectivity:

    • Our platform unifies businesses globally across multiple channels and platforms, offering access to 200+ payment methods for unparalleled flexibility.
  2. Currency Freedom:

    • Conduct business in 125+ currencies with granular reporting across multiple settlement accounts, enhancing financial visibility.
  3. Cutting-edge Fraud Management:

    • Our fraud management solution utilizes machine learning and AI technologies, providing robust security for your transactions.
  4. Scalable Marketplace Solutions:

    • Facilitate seamless onboarding, invoicing, and remittance for all participants with our scalable marketplace solution.
  5. Efficiency through Automation (Automated invoicing & real-time reporting):

    • Experience the ease of automated invoicing and real-time reporting, with data exports available in multiple formats.
  6. Enhanced Shopping Experience (Smart payment selection, tokenization, one-click payments):

    • Optimize the shopping journey through smart payment selection, tokenization, one-click payments, ensuring a frictionless experience.
  7. Holistic Monitoring (Transaction & turnover monitoring):

    • Comprehensive transaction and turnover monitoring across all sales channels.
  8. Global Receivables Management (100+ countries):

    • Our extensive receivables management spans over 100 countries, ensuring local relevance and compliance.
  9. Plug-and-Play Convenience (Pre-built plugins):

    • Install pre-built "Payment to GO" plugins effortlessly, catering to over 100+ systems, including ERP, CRM, WAWI, CMS, and custom systems.

Novalnet empowers businesses with tools to navigate the evolving landscape of digital commerce.

Product or service innovations
  1. Call and Pay: Call and Pay is a groundbreaking approach to online payments, designed for MOTO/Telesales scenarios. This unique offering allows businesses to collect payments from customers without internet access through an easy-to-follow voice-guided process.

    • No Internet Required: Enable payment collection even without customer internet access; a simple phone connection is all that's needed.
    • IVR Technology: Interactive Voice Recognition guides customers to input and authorize payments using any connected phone.
    • Fully Secure: Transactions are encrypted and processed in a fully secure, GDPR-compliant, PCI DSS Level 1 certified environment hosted in Germany.
  2. Custom Domain: Elevates e-commerce checkout experience with Novalnet's "Custom Domain" function, ensuring trust, consistency, and professionalism throughout the payment process.

    • Seamless Checkout: Conduct transactions directly on your domain, fostering trust and reducing cart abandonment caused by URL redirection.
    • Brand Continuity: Maintain your brand's identity during the payment process, enhancing recognition and strengthening your brand image.
    • Enhanced Analytics: Track customer behavior, analyze journeys, and make data-driven decisions, integrating tracking tools to refine marketing efforts and improve ROI.
  3. SSO (Single Sign-On): Streamline access and security with SSO, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, offering simplified login procedures and heightened security standards.

    • Enhanced Security: Leverage Microsoft Azure Active Directory's robust authentication process, including strict password policies and mandatory two-factor authentication (2FA).
    • Efficient Onboarding: JIT allows new team members immediate access to the Novalnet Dashboard, saving time and enhancing overall efficiency.
    • User-Friendly Experience: Ensures a seamless platform access experience without compromising on safety.
Customer case study

Novalnet AG Revolutionizes Payment for Stadtwerke München GmbH (SWM)

Introduction: SWM, a major German municipal supply company, partnered with Novalnet AG to manage diverse payment transactions, including electricity, natural gas, district heating, cooling, water supply, and Munich public transportation. Novalnet, a leading payment provider, was chosen for its innovative and secure solutions.

Challenges: SWM faced complexities handling payments for various services, including Munich public transportation. The need for a unified payment solution led them to seek a partner ensuring reliability and compliance.

Why Novalnet AG: Novalnet's comprehensive payment processing aligned with SWM's scale. With a unified platform covering the entire payment value chain, Novalnet's reputation for innovation and security stood out.

Implementation: Novalnet seamlessly integrated its SaaS payment engine, supporting 200+ payment types, risk management, real-time invoicing, and fraud prevention. The solution enhanced SWM's payment capabilities without disrupting existing operations.

Key Benefits:

  1. Unified Platform: Novalnet seamlessly connected SWM's diverse services, creating a unified payment platform for global accessibility.
  2. Efficient Transactions: Automated invoicing, real-time reporting, and streamlined monitoring enhanced operational efficiency.
  3. Enhanced Security: Transactions occurred in a secure, GDPR-compliant, PCI DSS Level 1 certified environment hosted in Germany.
  4. Scalability: Novalnet facilitated SWM's global expansion, adapting to evolving business requirements.
  5. Customer Satisfaction: Optimized shopping experiences and diverse payment options increased customer satisfaction and retention.

Conclusion: Novalnet AG's partnership empowered SWM to navigate energy and public transportation complexities confidently. This success highlights Novalnet's commitment to innovation, security, and tailored payment solutions, fostering growth for esteemed partners.

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