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Nachhaltige Retourenlösung

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Product or service description

At Rebolet, we are redefining the management of e-commerce returns. Our service comprehensively handles the evaluation, processing, and reintroduction of returned items into the market. We tackle a significant problem faced in the e-commerce sector where a substantial portion of returned goods, often in good condition, end up being unsellable due to logistical challenges. Our solutions are designed to make these returns a valuable asset again, thereby aiding in the reduction of CO2 emissions and saving costs for e-commerce businesses. With a focus on sustainability, our mission is to rescue 1 billion items from destruction, making a substantial positive impact on the environment​​.

Distinction from the competition

What sets our platform apart is the holistic approach we take towards returns management. Our latest innovation is the development of a cutting-edge SaaS platform, which is set to revolutionize return management. This platform allows merchants and logistics companies to manage returns more effectively by outsourcing the testing phase to the end customers. The groundbreaking feature of this SaaS solution is its ability to eliminate the need for hands-on involvement in the warehouse. It enables direct rerouting of returns to the most suitable location, based on the data collected. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, the system can intelligently evaluate customer feedback and determine the best course of action for each returned item. This not only streamlines the return process but also significantly reduces operational overheads and enhances the efficiency of rerouting items, ensuring that they reach the most appropriate destination for resale or repurposing.

Product or service innovations

Our focus in the past year has been on developing and refining our SaaS solution. This platform represents a significant leap forward in return management, employing advanced technologies like machine learning to optimize the returns process.

Customer case study

Janosch Vongehr, CEO of Liebfeld & Co-Founder AMZ Ventures, highlights the effectiveness of our solutions, stating how our approach has turned potential waste into a source of income, perfectly aligning sustainability with business needs​​.

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