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All-in-one return platform


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Returnless is the all-in-one returnmanagement platform that helps webshops ease and automate the returns process. The software solution consists of a returns portal and a digital returns form.

  • Through Returnless, customers can independently pre-register returns. The smart return form automatically stops unnecessary returns based on custom rules and conditions.

  • You receive all returns easily in one overview in the returns portal, so you can see exactly what is returned, when and why. In addition, return analytics gives you tools to work with the pain points within your assortment to prevent future returns.

  • This gives our customers more control over their return process, which means: lower return costs because returns are processed faster, reduced unnecessary returns & higher customer satisfaction.

Distinction from the competition

Of course, we are not the only returns management platform, but what sets us apart from others is the following:

  • Unlike other logistics service providers that have returns as one of their services, we focus entirely on returns. We are therefore the specialists in this field and make it easy for our customers to set up any kind of returns process properly by using our software.

  • What drastically differentiates us from our competition are our strong Return Rules. With Return Rules you can easily add nuance to your policy and set up what should happen for each type of return. Because not every return process is the same, we don't take a one-size-fits all approach, but look with each customer specifically how to set up their return form with the right questions and rules tailored to their needs.

Product or service innovations

Our main focus last year was on the topic of reducing returns. With this, we go a step further than just providing insight and control into the return process. We tackled this in several ways:

  • The Gate Keeper is our latest innovation where you get absolute control over your returns. During the creation of the return it is determined whether it is automatically approved, or first checked by customer service if the return can still be prevented. For example, if there is minor damage, the consumer can upload a photo, customer service can check it and possibly offer a voucher as compensation. The return will be prevented in such cases. In this way, we have prevented more than 100.000 returns in the last year.

  • In addition, we helped our customers focus more on their return data. For example, our customers can now easily see in our system which products are returned the most and for which reason. This gives them the tools and knowledge to prevent future returns.

Positive feedback & testimonials

This is a selection of the feedback we have received from our customers:

  • ‘44% faster return processing with Returnless’. (source:, customer case)

  • ‘The processing of 1 return went from 4 minutes to 2 minutes. A 50% reduction!’. (source:, customer case)

  • ‘With the insights of Returnless and minimal adjustments, we managed to reduce our return rate from 43 to 29%’. (source:, customer case)


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