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Bagisto is an open-source e-commerce platform built on Laravel and offers more than just e-commerce. Today if anyone needs to start eCommerce using any framework available, they either need to write code from scratch or learn a new platform and adapt to that. If somebody needs to work on Magento, they must learn Magento first and similarly. The very idea that anyone working on any MVC framework architecture can develop their e-commerce system led us to work on Bagisto. So, someone who has worked on a popular MVC architecture platform such as Laravel can easily use Bagisto and develop a custom solution.

Distinction from the competition

Bagisto is not limited just to e-commerce and also offers post-commerce solutions. The user can build marketplaces, point-of-sale (PoS) solutions, progressive Web apps (PWA), and drop ship solutions using Bagisto. The platform is highly scalable, and flexible and can be customised by developers working on the Laravel framework. Any small, medium or enterprise merchant can easily use Bagisto to build its e-commerce platform. Developers and freelancers can use Bagisto to build their own customised e-commerce solution and deliver it to their clients in a short span of time.

What makes bagisto unique is our customer delivery experience. The 350+ reviews and 2000+ community ecosystem tells the facts. For any business small, medium and large, we have every time tried to maintain an SLA of 24 hrs and help customers in their issues. The support is free and forever be free.

Product or service innovations

Optimizing Laravel Website SEO using Signed Exchanges

Here we are going to discuss how we solved the much dreaded AMP-Cache URL display problem for good, without losing any AMP benefits!

AMP has the major caching benefits on SERP. When you open an AMP page from Google Search Results, it shows a “pre-fetched” version of the page coming from Google’s cache. Thus, it opens with blazing-fast speed, as there is absolutely no document fetch done over the network upon clicking.

This leaves a chance of doubt about the authenticity of where page contents are being served. However, now there is a way to solve this issue and show the page’s actual URL, even when it’s served from Google Cache.

The solution resides in implementing Signed Exchange — which lets you “allow” third parties (like AMP-Cache) to able to serve your page’s content from their servers but the browser can show your domain and URL in the address bar.

Customer case study

Amarujala’s Bookstore( provides a large selection of fiction, nonfiction, biographies, history, religions, self-help, and children’s books.

It has a large selection of Investments and Management, Computers, College, and school text references books.

The major challenge was to find a robust platform that exactly meets their ideas and after some research and they found Bagisto as their complete solution partner.

The key problem was to come up with a solution for a situation where the user was having technical and reliability issues.

It allows readers to select books and place orders based on their needs. Furthermore, by adding features and the shop admin may control the categories and build and add books plans for the readers.

The client wishes to purchase the books listed in the features section of their store.

When the customer discovered the Bagisto eCommerce solution and the module included almost all of the capabilities the customer needed.

When the client came across the Bagisto eCommerce solution, the module carries almost every feature the client was looking for.

Very friendly to use and manage from both the tenant and super admin end.

Furthermore, the store admin interface is incredibly user-friendly and controllable. Amarujala’s Bookstore was able to realize its objective of creating a platform where consumers can easily purchase with their own unique domains by utilizing Bagisto extensions and addons.

The method is now quite simple and straightforward. Anyone can quickly register and place an order by picking the options that best suit their needs.

Positive feedback & testimonials

Achieving a 90+ score on Google Core Web Vitals

Our main concern was the performance issue as the page takes too long to load, affecting the core functions of the website. Since this is not a single-page application, the user experience is not good when refreshing pages. With Vercel Commerce, we implemented the built-in theme and connected the Bagisto headless commerce plugin as the backend. Our routes are designed so the user only needs to download JavaScript and CSS required for the current page. A lazy loading feature was implemented, so images will only be loaded once the user scrolls down. The loading time was further improved with SSR and SSG, which allowed us to reduce the page load time to as little as 350 ms using precached pages.


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