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Supply Chain Planning Software


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Netstock is a leader in supply chain planning software and is trusted by 2,200 customers globally. Netstock’s cloud-based solutions enable businesses to remain agile, responsive, and profitable. Integrating into leading ERPs, each solution unlocks ERP data and leverages enhanced analytics so you can quickly respond to changes in supply and demand. With increased visibility and team alignment, businesses can reduce operating cash with enhanced forecasting capability, predictive demand planning, and sales & operations planning.

Distinction from the competition

Netstock ´s supply chain planning software is the most advanced, broadest, and most geographically diverse solution for sales and operations planning and inventory optimization. The solution is 100% cloud (browser) based and leverages advanced technologies such as machine learning, finite optimization, and Pivot Forecasting®, a proprietary multi-dimensional planning technology. Instead of long implementation periods as by other Software providers, Netstock is quickly implemented and easy to use, thanks to the long market experience of our supply chain experts.. Just a few months after implementation, you will start to see results such as 100% visibility, improved fill rates up to 15% and simultaneously reduced inventories up to 35%.

Product or service innovations

Constantly we keep improving our services to be a word class provider for an agile and easy to use supply chain planning Software. Here are some milestones we achieved in 2022:

Over 300 features and enhancement updates were made in the inventory advisor application to improve the UI and to achieve a more intuitive navigation. It is now easy to change inventory policies and see directly the impact for the further business.

Demand works became part of the Netstock Family which offers the best solutions for an Integrated Business Planning (IBP) thanks to the unique Pivot Forecasting and multi-dimensional planning technology. New Functions like the discrete event forecasting feature based on Machine Learning were added.

We obtained the ISO 27001 certification as a commitment to our customers’ high-level data security policies and procedures.

Constantly growing partner network, for example we could welcome Accumatica as new Partner

We offer a wide range of solutions in: Demand Planning, S&OP, Inventory ordering, supplier performance monitoring, Inventory policy modeling, to support our customers' growth and respond quickly to the volatile supply chain.

Customer case study

Here some insights, what customer say about Netstock:

Manufacturing: Feuerschutz Jockel GmbH & Co.KG “Netstock may not be able to clear the Suez Canal, reopen closed ports, or provide greater shipping capacity, but thanks to Netstock, we can anticipate the logistical impact of these unfathomable years and activate a Plan B early enough. I can't imagine how we would have gotten through this year without Netstock. I would like to thank you very much for your great support.”

Manufacturing & Distribution: Crazy Aaron Putty, USA “I can honestly say that Netstock is by far the best planning system I have ever been worked with in my 20 years of Supply Chain Management experience.”

Textile distribution: Langendorf & Keller GmbH “Implementing Netstock has saved us a lot of effort and programming costs. Now we can create our orders very quickly - this is a huge reduction in work for us. Our backlogs are minimized and the ability to deliver has increased. In addition, Netstock enables us to plan our orders optimally, which allows us to regulate our stock levels very well. With the large number of items and seasonal fluctuations, we keep track of everything thanks to Netstock.”

Positive feedback & testimonials

We have numerous case studies that show proven real-life impact and return on investment.

  • Increased service levels and accelerated business growth for Böker Solingen
  • Optimized production and procurement for more than 60,000 items for Shimano (NA)
  • Reduced inventory levels by 20% and increased fill rate by 2% in 3 months for Starkey


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