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We want to help founders, small & medium-sized enterprises (those who are starting out), and large companies (including Fortune 500s) find better manufacturers worldwide (not only in China) negotiate prices & conditions, handle quality control inspections, and arrange for international shipping. As a global sourcing company, we embrace sourcing from any country in the world. Diversifying our options is paramount to us, especially in times like this when the global supply chain is in crisis, and in the process, we help improve the local economies by producing more and avoiding overreliance on one sourcing or manufacturing option. By partnering with us, customers can be assured of not receiving substandard and low quality goods after they have invested their hard earned money. We provide exceptional quality control and inspection services that help eliminate potential risks, control quality and quantity. We give recommendations on where in the world to best produce your product based on your USP’s. In addition, we provide better sourcing solutions to help customers save more and find more value in their money. Our streamlined sourcing solutions come in handy because we oversee their entire supply chain from beginning to end, allowing them to focus on other business needs that are also critical to their company's growth.

Distinction from the competition

What differentiates us from our competitors is that anybody can source with us; that is, we are open to working with anybody, even to the smallest ecommerce seller. We are breaking away from industry standards, especially in the sourcing area, where people usually charge a percentage of the order value when it's placed and often keep supplier contact confidential. From our side, we don't charge a percentage on the order volume (100% transparency on our prices, which makes most of the sourcing projects cheaper through us than others). Being sellers ourselves with two brands, we grew our own businesses out of the need to have own solutions, and therefore, we practice what we preach. We don't only search for 3-5 manufacturers, but target to find 30-60 potential manufacturers to get as many proposals as possible (in order to negotiate better prices & conditions) hence our focus is to indeed find the lowest prices for requested quality. Besides that, we share all contact details of all the potential suppliers (we don't keep manufacturer contacts secret so that customers would have to do sourcing / reorders with us) therefore, customers can contact manufacturers directly.
We champion for women empowerment and our team is made up of 50+ all female employees, whom are located across the world therefore language barrier is not a problem for us (we speak more than 25+ languages) which comes in handy when negotiating even in mother tongue down to the least prices as possible. Having a team that is spread across the world help us not only source from China but globally therefore, we help improve the local economies by producing more and avoid overreliance on China. For businesses with existing products, with our help we can optimize the sourcing prices so that some of the small or large sellers can save a lot and make more money with us because they are buying the products even cheaper.

Product or service innovations

We are only two years into the market, but we are growing massively, and one of our biggest successes is offering support to all e-commerce entrepreneurs at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey. We have helped our customers save more than $300 million.

We also go in and optimize their best sellers so that they can immediately see a big effect on savings, especially for the bigger customers, which turns out to be millions of dollars in savings.

Our services are not only for the big players but even for budding entrepreneurs who are just getting started. This makes their startup journey even easier because they invest less money in products.

Bottom line: We help you save more and have fewer headaches when starting out your business.

Customer case study

Our client, a Beauty Accessories Company saved $500k per year + reduced import taxes costs in the USA with 3 hours of sourcing. He was already selling lots of units, in several million dollar digit per year, and the challenge is that he was selling in the USA. Due to Trump tariffs, goods imported from China was set with escalated customs duties. High import taxes, additional costs on top of the normal product, plus shipping cost were all imposed, reducing the margin on the products. The concept of optimizing it would be to obtain lower shipping costs and find a producer in another country, which is not China.

We examined the products and targeted to find new suppliers with the same or better quality in a different country. We finally discovered the perfect supplier based in Vietnam. Products with better quality were produced and passed Quality Control plus we gained the advantage of actually manufacturing the product for1USD cheaper per unit.

Most importantly, we found a supplier based in a country where the import taxes have been in the far 2 digits and because the seller purchased a lot of units we helped him saved 300,000 in the first year and the next year 500,000 due to 1USD cheaper per unit cost and this will continue to increase every following year.

Positive feedback & testimonials

“We approached Zignify to help us find a suitable producer. They took a very structured approach and were absolutely transparent at all times about the current status, which producers could be considered, how much time had gone into the research and exchanges with various producers so far, and so on. Although we ultimately decided on a producer that we found by other means, we can still absolutely recommend Zignify due to the very pleasant cooperation!” (Hanseatic Commerce GmbH)

“The team was wonderful to work with. They were determined to get me exactly what I needed for my product. I am very particular with what I am looking for – quality and design must be perfect. They did not stop until they found the exact manufacturer to suit my needs. I will use then again in the future for any sourcing work. Thank you!”(Global G)

“They are fantastic!! Highly reliable, highly skilled and very hard workers! Will definitely be working with them more. They are creative, personal and caring… the A Players we look for in our company.”(Gentle Living LLC)

“Thank you for helping us to navigate the bumpy road of producing a completely custom garment. We learned a lot of lessons during this experience and we appreciate your assistance to find a competent factory”(Invasion LLC)



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