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Everything a business needs to overhaul its translation and localization processes. Enabling a true embrace of digital processes, RAY lets you leave behind many of the purely manual workflows that typically dominate translation work. That includes the difficult effort of tracking job progress and sending text back and forth between issuing teams, translators, reviewers, and publishers.

The difference begins with a system of CMS connectors to enable seamless integration between translation work and your content streams. We also offer a powerful API for sending and receiving translation jobs, allowing for a single stream managed entirely from the bird's-eye view the included DeltaRAY dashboard offers.

DeltaRAY interfaces with our innovative vendor selection tool, a system that helps businesses intelligently select the best experts for the job. End worries about translators who aren't suited to handling material specific to your industry and find teams that understand your business from the word "go." Combined with the end-to-end process visibility that deltaRAY provides, it is surprisingly easy to eliminate maverick spending and re-exert control over an orderly process.

Distinction from the competition

Straker can help break down globalization language and cultural barriers, accelerate the speed of business, enhance global internal and external communication with quality localization, boost revenue and support sustainable scalability.

In addition, beyond utilizing state-of-the-art tools and technologies to produce competitive-edge quality translated content, Straker offers a comprehensive range of services. These provide streamlined liaison and spend, multicultural, multilingual country-native expertise, a user-friendly bespoke customer dashboard, unique market insights, advanced analytics for performance tracking and supplier optimization, and authentic long-term partnership commitment and benefits.

Product or service innovations

We have developed in-house a Straker App to provide our customers a seamless translation experience from within the Slack environment, to expedite the process with automation and bot support. 

By simple typing a prompt into the message pane, our customers can check job status, submit new files for a quote and receive notification of project progress. 

Having all tools in one place allows our clients to move faster, streamline daily tasks and manage translation operations with full visibility of translation costs, jobs status and never miss a project deadline.

Customer case study

Global Fashion Retailer - H&M Magento Connector Case Study:

Positive feedback & testimonials

“We are delighted we chose to work with Straker Translations. I was very impressed with the technology at their disposal and the account management is very good. The translations were delivered on time and on budget. I have no hesitation in working with Straker Translations consistently in the future.” Matthew Harman, Director, Project Manager


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