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Seamless fulfillment for E-Commerce Champions

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Fast-growing and successful eCommerce brands encounter logistics-related challenges deeply impacting daily operations. Outsourcing logistics often comes with missing transparency over the fulfillment process and missing flexibility to manage unexpected challenges – all while still dealing with manual tasks. All these factors impede meeting customers’ high expectations and limit scalable growth.

Alaiko helps fast-growing Direct to Consumer (DTC) eCommerce brands achieve scalable growth and exceptional customer service through digital processes and fulfillment automations. The winning solution for scalable fulfillment is based on a three-components-model: First, a state-of-the-art warehousing and logistics network ensures reliability, flexible staff planning, and sophisticated automations of the supply chain.

Second, Alaiko’s Logistics Operating System® – an innovative platform that addresses the most common challenges for eCommerce customer service and operations. It also provides numerous tools to scale processes more efficiently while also increasing customer satisfaction. Lastly, the combination between streamlined logistics and a cutting-edge operations platform improves what matters most in eCommerce: The customer experience. Alaiko closes the gap between the order button and package delivery with a positive and smooth post-purchase experience.

For customers, this enables a seamless, fast, and customer-centric journey. For brands, it actively contributes to customer loyalty, successful branding and leads to higher sales.

Distinction from the competition

Every growing eCommerce store faces the moment when it’s time to shift from in-house to an outsourced fulfillment provider. Fulfillment is a competitive advantage and vital to a business’s success. What differentiates Alaiko from competitors is its capacity to provide scalable end-to-end eCommerce fulfillment. While other fulfillment providers simply take over the logistics of a store, Alaiko offers a fulfillment network with unlimited growth potential. When (unexpected) order peaks or sales growth happen, Alaiko’s high-performance logistics and Operating System, which rely on the highest degree of automation, are ready to manage the coordination efficiently and without manual efforts. The shop never stops selling and delivery requirements are still met.

The effectiveness of this combination is also proven in the multiple benefits for customer service. Unlike competitors, Alaiko consistently turns customer service tasks from reactive and manual to proactive and automatized. Thanks to the Alaiko Operating System, customer service teams have full visibility and control of the fulfillment process and can automatically trigger smart and proactive email notifications informing customers about e.g. address issues or packages ready for pickup.

Product or service innovations

As a fast-growing startup, Alaiko is continuously innovating. Since its founding in 2020 Alaiko scaled to over 100 employees, 200 happy DTC customers and continues to develop rapidly. New automation modules and features are developed in close exchange with customers to solve their most pressing pain points in logistics and fulfillment. There are a few product innovations to be highlighted: Alaiko’s returns portal was enhanced to make it even more powerful: Exchanges can be made by end customers via the self-service portal, helping merchants avoid lost sales and save time in customer service. Returns matching a merchant’s criteria can be refunded automatically – once the return is processed and in good condition, customers will get their money back while brands save the time of manually refunding them. Alaiko’s proactive communication informs the customer about the status of their return with automated notifications on status changes - i.e. when the return arrives at the warehouse.

Other innovations include Alaiko’s direct integration with the e-mail marketing tool Klaviyo. With email marketing, brands can engage with and inform their customers at every stage of the ordering process. Alaiko sends relevant fulfillment-related information as data points - i.e., information on the order being processed in the warehouse, order shipped, or out for delivery. These can be used as triggers in Klaviyo, creating personalized email flows throughout the customer journey. These are crucial for building customer retention and have great potential for repeat purchases.

Additionally, Alaiko has added new warehouses to its state-of-the-art network in strategic locations expanding capabilities and space to help its customers scale seamlessly. Alaiko’s logistics facilities offer the best quality in terms of location, infrastructure, and equipment, advanced automation and digitization features for enhanced speed and precision (e.g., Auto Store, pick by light, Auto Sort).

Customer case study

Hey Marly’s increasing order volumes saw their previous fulfiller quickly reach the limits of scalability. When switching to a new fulfillment partner, Hey Marly especially looked for requirements surrounding scalability, automation, service, and innovation. Alaiko’s standard of strong logistics, an innovative platform for automation and control, as well as outstanding service, provides Hey Marly with unlimited flexibility and solves the challenge of scalability. With Alaiko’s experience modules, Hey Marly offers customers a consistently positive post-purchase experience as well. Be it automated refunds for returns or comprehensive track and trace options. The deep integration of the Alaiko Operating System in the warehouse and with the carriers enables all relevant shipping data to be recorded in real-time and forwarded as information to be used in emails and on the integrated tracking page. Questions are answered before they arise, saving time in customer service and ensuring happy customers.

Positive feedback & testimonials

“Alaiko understands the challenges and urgency of fulfillment and speaks our language.” (Andre Poloczek, Operations Manager, HeyMarly)

"Our customers have high expectations. Alaiko not only possesses the know-how to meet these expectations but creates additional extras that go beyond satisfying our customers; they are delighted by our reliability." (Manuel Meier, Co-Founder, T1TAN)

“For us, Alaiko stands for outstanding customer service and active support for enhancements and process optimizations.”( Niklas Hermes-Böhlefeld, Chocolate Operations Officer, Jokolade)

We are very proud to see how our customers benefit from us. Many of them were looking for a fulfillment partner that could set up a reliable and efficient logistics set-up that is able to handle big order volumes and peaks right away. Other customers were unsatisfied with their previous fulfillment provider and struggled with a lack of transparency, delays in processing, and many manual steps to manage order or shipping issues. Our customers strive to optimize the post-purchase experience not only with reliable and fast shipping but also through proactive communication, self-service options for their customers, and seamless returns. Alaiko offers a solution for all of these challenges. We experience that our customers mostly value the simplicity and transparency of Alaiko. By the automatization of workflows and processes, Alaiko supports the scalability and rapid growth of our customers’ business – a feedback we are particularly proud of. For more in-depth customer success stories, please visit our website:


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