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Frictionless fulfillment for e-commerce


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Omnipack is a logistics company offering fulfillment services for 100+ e-commerce businesses in Europe and globally. Omnipack’s clients include: We Are Wild, Australian Bodycare, Himalaya, Hunter & Gather, Olsen, Fielmann, Daniel Wellington / Esprit, and many more!

With 16+ years of experience in e-commerce, we enable frictionless growth by completely managing logistics processes for online retailers, including inbound, warehousing, pick & pack, delivery, returns, data integration, and additional premium services like labeling, repackaging, set-building, clothes washing, steaming and sewing etc. With a simple flat rate for each package sent, your monthly costs are optimized and predictable.

With a fast-growing base of satisfied merchants on our local market, we now focus on delivering premium but cost-effective services for European e-commerce companies. Today, foreign markets account for about 2/3 of our business, and it is in the "international" segment where we see the highest growth - an average of 4x year on year. We work with companies from various parts of the world e.g. Germany, UK, USA, Scandinavia.

Working with Omnipack, brands can grow beyond borders, unconstrained by the physical. We have the necessary processes and infrastructure, we fulfill orders to 40+ countries and have introduced integrations with most marketplaces. Any merchant who joins this network gains distribution throughout Europe. This means both huge growth potential and the business security that comes through diversification.

We are seasoned e-commerce entrepreneurs and we have built successful e-commerce businesses so we understand the importance of frictionless fulfillment processes for the overall customer experience and satisfaction. We know what it means to be in the shoes of online merchants. We like to think of ourselves as e-commerce people with strong expertise in logistics (not the other way around).

Distinction from the competition

A growing e-commerce business has to face unique logistics challenges. When sales double, so does the complexity of serving more customers.

That’s where Omnipack comes in. We handle fulfillment services for online retailers, making it easier to scale and grow globally. When a customer clicks “Buy now”, we go to work - picking, packing and preparing everything for shipment. Thanks to proprietary technology, high volume, and strategically-located modern warehouses, we offer 1-4 day delivery across Europe at very low rates.

Working with a logistics partner means that online stores can focus their resources on what they do best, i.e. marketing and sales. When they let us take care of logistics, both the retailer and their customers benefit from faster, cheaper, and more accurate deliveries (our accuracy rate is as high as 99.95%).

We are flexible and always hungry to find a better solution. We care about our merchants and their businesses. With a background in business consulting and experience of running our own big international e-commerce companies, we perfectly understand the needs of our merchants and help them way beyond the logistics area.

Product or service innovations

Within the last 12 months we have introduced changes to our proprietary technology in order to better address the diverse logistics needs of the e-commerce companies we work with.

Among our clients there are companies of various sizes, with different scales of operations, based in various markets and selling to multiple countries. Our role is to create solutions that will be flexible on the one hand, and scalable on the other.

An important step, taking us to the technological next-level, was the implementation of a packing tool that optimizes the order packing process (one of the key areas in e-commerce). We developed a tool that increases the merchant's convenience, because it allows us to fully adjust the packaging process to their needs - we can define various rules, e.g. based on the type of product, order value or country which the order comes from. Our solution not only gives greater flexibility, but also increases the speed of packing and reduces the risk of mistakes.

However, our innovations exceed the area of technology. We provide fulfillment services for most product categories thus we invest in the category of specific solutions and optimization. We build prototypes for picking trolleys and space optimizing shelving. We also provide premium packing solutions, including branded boxes, sophisticated inserting systems, eco-friendly/recycled materials, scented fillers and gift wrapping. We are limited only by our merchants’ imagination.

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Positive feedback & testimonials

Wild: “Omnipack has transformed the delivery experience for our European customers. They are a highly professional outfit that has executed our complex set-up seamlessly.”

MyBasic: “We have been with Omnipack almost from the beginning of our business. Thanks to their flexibility and deep expertise in fashion eCom, we have grown 10x since we joined.”

ComfortClick: “We ran a tender and chose Omnipack in a competitive process. They presented a complete solution for our needs - both from the tech and operations perspectives. They are flexible, reasonably priced and strongly support scaling of our business across Europe. It’s really fun to work with them!”

Wish: “Omnipack does an excellent job! We are glad that, thanks to this cooperation, we can be calm regarding all the logistic questions and focus entirely on further business development.”


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