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Packly - The #1 online platform for custom size packaging


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Packly is a web-based platform for custom packaging.

With Packly, anyone can easily create custom boxes in a few simple steps. First, select a style, enter the desired sizes, and get a 3D preview. Then, upload your artwork, and Packly will generate an interactive 3D model of your box in seconds, including any embellishment effects you have chosen. In addition, this 3D model can be shared with colleagues or customers as a link, allowing anyone to preview the box before it is printed.

Packly has a wide range of customization options, including 70 different styles, 5 materials, and 3 special finishes, to help you create the perfect packaging for your product.

Today, reducing time to market and lowering supply chain costs is strategic for businesses. Packly helps with sourcing product folding cartons and corrugated packaging, optimizing the supply chain and allows moving to just-in-time inventory management, avoiding both gluts and shortages.

Packly also has a comprehensive and flexible order management system that allows you to manage multiple billing addresses and shipping destinations, and thanks to its owned manufacturing plants, it provides turnaround times as fast as 48 hours.

The packaging is manufactured using 100% renewable energy, and the site of origin and source is certified by TÜV SÜD.

Distinction from the competition

Packly is the platform, where small or large businesses can manage the entire sourcing process for custom packaging supplies, from the design, ordering and logistic management.

  • Design your packaging in real-time
  • Share the 3D preview
  • Instant quote
  • Print in 48hrs, no matter if 1 or 1 million
  • Manage your orders and designs
Product or service innovations

Packly's new interface makes the customer journey smoother than ever before. Every step is on the same page, following a guided journey that leads to the purchase. The user is just one click away from the final quote, but can still make all necessary customizations on the go. It's all in one place and ready to go. By entering the "My Packly" area, users can check and manage all orders and reorder with just one click, without having to enter any additional information.

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Positive feedback & testimonials

Reviews on Google:

“If you're looking for the absolute pinnacle of the printing industry, look no further than Packly. You'll find nothing better anywhere. I've placed multiple orders with them now and they have yet to disappoint in even one aspect. What's great about Packly”

“Excellent products, amazing customer service, fast deliveries! I am always a happy customer after ordering from Packly.”

“a top experience on all fronts starting from the platform made very well, to the quality of the products, speed and assistance!”

“Accurate delivery time predictions (when they say it'll be ready that day, it will be) paired with fast turn-around times and speedy delivery with multiple delivery options every time”

“No minimum quantity order! The importance of this cannot be overstated for a product this bespoke.”

“I'm so impressed with Packly. It's an automated tool, but there is always someone available to help if you need. Their personalized service goes above and beyond, and the quality is fantastic. They even called me to make sure I was happy with my packaging :-)”

“ Accurate delivery time predictions (when they say it'll be ready that day, it will be) paired with fast turn-around times and speedy delivery with multiple delivery options every time.”

“ Frequent new types to choose from. This company doesn't rest on its laurels but upgrades and improves regularly where possible.”

“Good website and excellent 3D model visualizer for any product you might choose along with your design. Competitors occasionally offer this too, but it is rarely this fluid and easy to use”

“Fast, polite, quality human support on all channels in four languages. Talk to a person who genuinely cares about helping you right away. No time-wasting, no money-grubbing attitude. Really good people”


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