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Name of the product or service Relaunch: Low-Code Customer Experience Plattform


Product or service description

Setting up a future-proof and agile e-commerce structure was the focus of MediaShop's new online store project. The aim was to significantly reduce running costs, while the new store with its modern design was to generate more conversions and offer a significantly improved user experience. A core task was the structuring and automation of product data maintenance for the extensive product range. The products of the company's own vertical brands, which are regularly entered by MediaShop, were to be easily created and rolled out. Inspiring product worlds were also to be created.

Distinction from the competition

The new webshop is based on a low-code platform: This means that individual components can be easily used and rearranged as in a toolbox. The focus is always on the user, who is to be guided between the TV commercials and the web store. The user experience was of particular importance - already during the planning phase, but also during the implementation of the new webshop. The design played an essential role in order to map a better user guidance in the stores. The replatforming of the store was therefore based on extensive user research. The focus was on the enthusiasm for the product, the joy of use of the users and the clear, catchy communication of the product benefits. The aim was to extend the high storytelling standards of teleshopping from direct response TV to the web store. The media discontinuity was thus eliminated and a consistent and sustainable user experience was created. The web store takes over the intelligent interlocking between TV shopping and the completion of the transaction on the Internet with a direct transfer between the two platforms.

Product or service innovations

MediaShop's new platform meets all the needs and user requirements of a modern online store and builds an efficient bridge between the TV section and the Internet. Users are guided intuitively through the store and the thematic areas. At the same time, the storytelling from the TV commercials is successfully transferred to the new store.

The concept also enables further expansion through internationalization at any time, and a multi-store setup for different markets can be easily set up. The merging of commerce and CMS platform enables content commerce and seamlessly continues the experience of the TV commercials on the web and on all end devices. These efforts have already significantly improved conversion rates. Ongoing A/B testing concepts are also constantly helping to further improve the shopping experience to increase the conversion rate.

The entire commerce architecture and the surrounding system landscape were redesigned, a low-code platform was developed for the reusability of all components, a user-centric design approach was created, and various API-first technologies were deployed. As a result, an independent rollout of new stores by MediaShop's in-house team is possible today.

Positive feedback & testimonials

The technological basis is now "state of the art".

With the new setup, the MediaShop team can independently create and roll out new theme and brand stores within a short period of time.

The takeover of "technology ownership" by MediaShop is now ensured.

The conversion rate has been significantly improved.

Product data management is now efficiently and easily integrated into the workflow.


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