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Allegro Pay


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Allegro Pay is a new payment method on the Allegro marketplace, developed by the fintech arm of the company. We wanted to unlock the potential of strong incremental GMV increase through financial services and ensuring the availability of the best-in-class services with minimal involvement of the capital group funding.

Cooperation with external providers does not allow the application process modification or influence on the final decision, which generates a low conversion rate and loss of customers. The services or available funds are not visible on the purchase path, which significantly reduces customer awareness of financing opportunities and does not actively support the generation of incremental GMV.

Also, such services are based on the 'one-time transaction' model, and customers must go through the process (often a complicated one) each time. Services from external providers tend to be limited and provide an inconsistent customer experience in processes, acceptance criteria, and final decisions. Products are not tailored to the customers' needs, specific shopping categories, or the 'mobile' experience. All that lowers overall satisfaction and does not contribute to overall growth.

Because it happens outside of Allegro, we could not influence the customer experience!

That's why we created Allegro Pay — a safe, easy, and convenient payment method built into our platform. It ensures a quick onboarding process with an automatically assigned virtual limit of funds. As a buyer, you do not need to pay to activate it or to have the funds granted. With Allegro Pay, you can pay off your purchase within 30 days or divide the payment into 3, 5, 10, or even 20 monthly installments. And you can decide on the repayment method!

We developed an innovative model of cooperation with financial institutions to ensure increased financing. This service is provided by Allegro Pay Sp. z o.o., making shopping convenient ― without waiting for the bank's decision.

Distinction from the competition

Allegro Pay is convenient, provides easy access to consumer financing and full control over customer experience.

This solution is built into the platform, making it visible to over 90% of Allegro traffic. The onboarding process, supported by Kontomatik, is simple and fast, with no need to provide tons of data. The application provides account access services based on the PSD2 directive, verifies identity, account history, and automatically connects to the Allegro Pay account. All in about 1 minute (translating into 50% onboarding conversion compared to approx. 20% for external providers). It complies with the requirements of the European Union related to the protection of personal data and the provision of payment services.

The product is simple and user-friendly: 1 provider with 1 product and 5 universal payment options!

It gives easier access to consumer finance thanks to our own risk model: only around 20% of applications are rejected (external providers: 50%). Registered customers can use one-click payment with Allegro Pay, which supports long-lasting relationships and transactionality.

Allegro Pay offers top UX. The whole process is built into the platform, there are no redirects to other platforms or suppliers, and each buyer can manage their finances in a dedicated dashboard, which ensures extensive post-sales service.

The product works hand in hand with Allegro's other offers, like our benchmark benefit program Allegro Smart!, enhancing the shopping experience for consumers while helping drive sales for merchants. If you are a buyer and your total purchase value is over 300 PLN ― you can repay your purchase in up to 20 monthly installments with a small commission charged. But if you have an active Allegro Smart! membership and your total purchase value is at least 300 PLN ― you can pay for your purchase in 3 monthly installments. With this option, the interest rate and commission are 0%!

Product or service innovations
  • One-click payment - to make Allegro Pay a payment method without authorization
  • One-click buy - to make Allegro Pay available as part of a quick purchase - buy & pay
  • Universal onboarding - to make Allegro Pay easily-accessible
  • Sale of receivables - to transfer the receivables from some Allegro Pay agreements to Aion Bank periodically (off-balance sheet solution)
  • Introduction of voicebots for collecting receivables

Allegro Pay is just what you need when you want to pay for your Allegro purchases later or split payments into convenient installments. No fuss, as it all boils down to a short onboarding and 1-click payment, as well as tailored financing plans for everyone - it's as technologically advanced as it is simple to use thanks to the hard work of everyone in the Allegro Pay team.

Customer case study

In June 2022, just nine months after it opened to everyone, Allegro Pay celebrated over 1 million clients benefitting from the state-of-the-art user experience offered by Allegro's most innovative fintech. We already have over 1.3 million Allegro Pay users and have financed over 4 billion GMV as Allegro Pay ( In Q3 20222, Allegro Pay granted 1.41 bn loans, which is a 156% increase year on year. This development goes hand in hand with the growing satisfaction of customers who awarded Allegro Pay NPS - net promoter score, i.e. a customer satisfaction index - at an unparalleled level of 95 in the sector.

Positive feedback & testimonials
  • Winner of the competition for the best BNPL solution organized at Fintech Summit Poland 2021
  • "Best e-payment solution" award in the e-Commerce Polska Awards 2022 competition organized by - Izba Gospodarki Elektronicznej (Chamber of Electronic Economy)
  • Special "Best-in" award for the largest number of votes in the e-Commerce Polska Awards 2022 competition organized by Izba Gospodarki Elektronicznej Distinction in the Innovation category in the Dyrektor Roku 2022 (eCommerce Director of the Year 2022) competition:
  • NPS persistently above 90

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