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Weglot - The easiest way to translate your website


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Add multiple languages to your ecommerce store in minutes with our website translation solution, Weglot.

Weglot works by detecting, translating, and displaying the content of your store without the need for duplicate websites. Manage one store for several markets and add 100+ languages instantly, best of all this can be handled without a developer team.

Weglot combines machine translation for speed, post-editing features for accuracy and translation management tools to set project rules and make running an international store easy.

With automatic syncing, Weglot continuously detects the content on your store so any new content updates or new products will always be 100% translated and reduce your internal workflow.

Plus, get found by your new markets with automatically added multilingual SEO features.

Distinction from the competition

Weglot’s main features: Workflow Automation - https://weglot.com/automatic-workflow/ Weglot removes the manual tasks of website translation. Once you’ve installed Weglot, it automatically scans, detects, and translates the content of your site. For teams regularly adding content and updating pages, this automatic content detection means you won’t need to worry about untranslated pages or paragraphs. Any new words or pages added to your original website are instantly translated giving you the flexibility to manually edit or approve those translations later on (if you choose to).

Multilingual SEO - https://weglot.com/multilingual-seo/ Weglot automates your multilingual SEO and helps you increase search visibility in your new markets by getting found by your new customers with a translated website that’s also automatically optimised for multilingual SEO.

Translation Quality - https://weglot.com/translation-quality/ Weglot allows you to set your website translation quality. Combine automatic translation, manual editing, and professional translation for quality translation at scale, on your terms.

What makes our product set itself apart from the competitors: Stand out support: We take care of all our users, no matter what plan. Our expert support is highly praised across all review platforms and we’ll help you set up and manage your multilingual websites with ease.

No technical skills needed: Weglot can be used by anyone in your team, unlike other website translation tools that may require you to download and set up multiple add-ons. No need to develop separate international stores with an agency or your developer team and take hours to manually set up everything. Your website is available in multiple languages in a matter of minutes thanks to Weglot’s no-code install.

Compatible with all websites: Weglot works on all types of websites and can display your website in multiple languages, regardless of the technology or external tools that you might use.

Product or service innovations

New features released in 2022 include: Improvement with assigning translations workflow Advanced URL exclusion Variable feature added Visual language switcher editor Beta subdirectories for all technologies Mass deletion of inactive translations Improved URL merging Page view statistics giving insight into your website visitors’ location and their browser language Pause plan Machine translation tone (available on certain language pairs)

Find a detailed product breakdown of all our updates here: https://changelog.weglot.com

Customer case study

The ecommerce team at The Bradery needed a scalable fast translation solution that could accommodate the 500+ products they were adding daily. A big priority for them was being able to go about their day-to-day job without having to worry about their multilingual store.

They came across Weglot and were immediately impressed with the time-saving features it provided. Neural machine translation gave them speed, post-editing features allowed their bilingual teammates to make changes and continuous syncing ensured any new product launches were instantly translated.

With 3 flash sales a day, relying on the efficiency of neural machine translation was a no-brainer. It gave them the speed, autonomy, and near accuracy they were looking for and most importantly didn’t require the team’s involvement.

This was a big advantage as it allowed them to translate the large volume of products they uploaded daily without any manual steps.

For their Spanish markets where they wanted to pay particular attention to detail, they put some further resources into perfecting these translations by adding Spanish teammates to the translation project to make edits.

In Weglot, the team at The Bradery found a website translation solution that scaled with their expansion plans and allowed them to continuously launch translated products on a daily basis.

Without the automation Weglot gives them, it would have been impossible to manage the volume of translations the team required.

“The biggest win for us is the time we’ve saved. It takes us about ten minutes twice a week to double-check everything is running how we want it. Everything else is done by Weglot.” Adèle Aubry Ecommerce Manager at The Bradery

Read all our case studies here: https://weglot.com/customers/

Positive feedback & testimonials


“Weglot removed the pain of having to manage multiple stores for multiple locales. Everything is managed centrally - so it’s a no-brainer! The integration was easy and the support is incredibly helpful. The automatic translations proved to be surprisingly accurate, helping us reduce our translation budget. I highly recommend Weglot to anyone looking for a simple and cost effective solution to translate their stores!” Mike Robertson, Director of Sales Operations, Nikon

“We needed a quick translation solution for the Italian market. Weglot allowed us to have immediate translations, accelerating our conversions and letting our merchandisers focus on other tasks. We now have more flexibility and launch available stock much faster.” Matthieu Galtie, Head of Digital, Volcom

Weglot has the following ratings across several review platforms: G2: 4.8 out of 5 - https://www.g2.com/products/weglot/reviews TrustPilot: 4.9 out of 5 - https://www.trustpilot.com/review/weglot.com Shopify: 4.6 out of 5 - https://apps.shopify.com/weglot Capterra: 4.8 out of 5 - https://www.capterra.com/p/200736/Weglot/



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